Best 4k Projector for Gaming

Having a wide gaming projector screen with a clear 4k resolution is not a big deal. But you need to ensure the availability of all required features like high ANSI lumens, high image quality, and sound for ensuring the best results. Stay with us and read this article to solve your problem buying the best 4K projector for gaming.

We have gathered top reviews of gaming projector for you to ease your process of selection. But before moving to the reviews section, consider the buying guide to clear your idea about the necessary factors to consider.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best 4k Projector for Gaming

A wide range of 4k gaming projectors is available in the market. Due to these projectors, it is possible to play games on a large screen without losing pixels or the quality of the image. But you must ensure that either the projector serves the purpose of gaming or not. For instance, a home theater projector might not be capable of dealing with fast-moving games.

To avoid any problem later, we have prepared the following key points to consider before buying the 4k budget gaming projector.

Image Quality

Projectors are considered to have good image quality. Always buy a 4k gaming projector having good image resolution. Most projectors have a 16:9 aspect ratio, but you should buy the projector having the 4:3 ratio. You can check this through the settings. It is the best way to select a projector that having a good quality image.

Brightness Level

If your room is already darker, then choose the projector with a low brightness level. Projectors with higher brightness levels are usually expensive, so choose the gaming projector with a low brightness level. A projector with 1000 lumens might be the best choice for you for gaming.


If you want to have the best gaming experience, you should not avoid the sound of the gaming projector. Without good sound, you may feel irritated. Consider the 4k gaming projector with built-in speakers. The best 4k gaming projectors come with a complete setup and interconnected speakers.

Apart from these factors, you can also consider the technology that either is DLP or LCD. Furthermore, taking brand and price into account will serve the best.

5 Best 4k Projectors For Gaming Reviews- 2021

After going through the requirements, let’s move to the review section. We have ensured to choose the best quality products after thorough research that serves the best in gaming perspective.

Have a look at the five best 4K gaming projectors options.








Optoma GT1080HDR Projector


7.7 Pounds

3800 Lumens



Optoma HD28HDR Projector

8.1 Pounds

3600 Lumens



Sony VPL-VW295ES

37.5 Pounds

1500 Lumens



Optoma UHD50X 4K  

8.6 Pounds

3400 Lumens



BenQ TH685i Gaming Projector 

9.3 Pounds

3500 Lumens


Now we will discuss these gaming projectors in detail to further ease down your selection and short-listing process.

1. Optoma GT1080HDR (Best 4k Projector for Gaming and Videos)

Optoma GT1080HDR Gaming Projector

This 4k projector is the best choice for gaming and videos. With its greater color depths, it provides the best experience for its users.

With its more excellent resolution, it provides a good quality image. 3800 Lumens of brightness is such a big way to enjoy gaming. The short-throw lens of this projector allows us to place the projector closer to the wall. Also, it is convenient to place it near the wall through its shorter lens and is best for short places and the easy installment.

It can be connected to gaming consoles and other media players such as Google Chromecast for the best movie and gaming experience. This 4k gaming projector can be easily used in theater rooms, game rooms, and family rooms. Buy this projector if you want the best projector at an affordable price.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for its standing is its clarity of the image and the sound. With its 3800 lumens, the image resolution becomes so good that it brings life to the gaming experience.

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  • It has HDR 10 technology.
  • Fast response time and sharp images
  • Long lamp life and easy image setup
  • Affordable price range.
  • Flexible connectivity.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Easy to place in small places.
  • Poor tech support.


2. Optoma HD28HDR (Best Budget Gaming Projector)

Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Projector

This optimal projector is considered the best budget gaming projector. You can enjoy the best features of 4k gaming with this 4k gaming projector at a reasonable price.

Through these exciting features, you can consider buying this exciting 4k gaming projector at an affordable price. For the best viewing experience, this projector has black and dark levels. Its 6 segment color scheme produces beautiful colors for the home cinema experience.

This projector is specifically engineered for gaming. With an 8.4 ms response time, it is best for gaming. For big-screen movies and gaming, it can be connected to gaming consoles. Also, with the dynamic black technology, it provides greater depth to the image. You can enjoy 15000 long lamp life through this 4k gaming projector. Also, it provides smooth 3d images with the 3D Blue-ray disc players and the latest generation game consoles. It has standard throw projection and can project up to 302″ images.

Why It Stands to Us

The main reason for its standing is its easy working in the daylight. Even in the middle of the day, it provides the best resolution and a clear image. The colors are accurate and bright.

  • Good image quality.
  • Great brightness level.
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • New technology is embedded in it.
  • Perfect for gaming.
  • No WIFI and Bluetooth.


3. Sony VPL-VW295ES (Ultra High Definition Projector)

Sony VPL-VW295ES Projector

This projector is well known for its high-definition image result. With high lumens, you can enjoy the best video resolution and gaming experience.

For ultra-high-definition image viewing, it has a 3SXRD image display with a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels. It will allow you and your family member a wonderful gaming moment. Also, a super-resolution 4k upscale analyzes every pixel for better pictures.

The motion flow technology of this projector makes it a unique projector over other projectors. This property causes lifelike and 3d images of the objects and gives a fascinating view.

Furthermore, it comes with an Accord and long-life battery which ensures the best gaming ride without worrying about the battery. Also, it has not much weight, so it is easy to carry it anywhere. Customers have always shared positive reviews about this product.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The main reason for its standing is its high-definition image picture. Due to its greater lumen and brightness level, it is an excellent source of enjoying good result videos and gaming. It has a good display and resolution for more fantastic quality pictures.

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  • It operates fast and efficiently.
  • Very high-quality picture.
  • True 4k projector at an affordable price
  • Excellent clarity and a fantastic projector
  • Even lights on providing the best picture
  • Fantastic projector and excellent quality.
  • With more outstanding lumens provide high quality and good resolution picture.
  • Speakers are loud on this projector.


4. Optoma UHD50X 4K Gaming Projector (Best for Reduced Eye Pain)

Optoma UHD50X 4K Projector

Optoma UHD50X is the best 4k projector under 2000, specifically designed for eye protection. For a comfortable viewing experience, this projector reflects the harmful radiations of the light.

With 8.3 million pixels, it provides the feeling of the home cinema. This projector has a 240 Hz gaming projector, enabling us to have unparalleled smoothness and blur-free visuals. Through its dynamic black technology, depth is involved in the picture, and the picture looks fantastic.

Its smoothness and clear picture make it a unique projector. You can also zoom the picture on its projector with the help of its flexible installation feature. 5-15 % vertical shifts, you can zoom picture whether the projector is placed on the table or ceiling mounted. The sharpness of the image is the best feature that allows the having of unique crystal clear pictures.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The main reason for its standing is its modern technology. It has technology that allows having less strain on the eyes.

As our eyes are continuously exposed to the projector during movies watching and gaming, creators have specifically focused on the technology to cause less harm to the eyes and the long-lasting experience.

  • Excellent 4k projector with stunning picture quality
  • Gaming friendly and provide a better experience.
  • Best movie experience with good image resolution
  • Lens shift makes alignment painless
  • Lots of image calibrations options
  • Enhanced Gaming Mode downscales 4k input signals to 1080p.


5. BenQ TH685i (Best Benq Gaming Projector)

BenQ TH685i Gaming Projector

This is the best BenQ gaming projector. Benq gaming projectors are best for pockets and gaming experience. Creators have put in all efforts to make it the best among other projectors.

It has 3500 lumens brightness that makes it unique. This feature becomes the user’s first choice for good resolution pictures and a gaming experience. It is compatible with virtual consoles like Nintendo switch, google stadia, or sony Ps4; due to this feature, it becomes easy to enjoy the pro performance.

With 5000+ latest Android apps, it allows endless entertainment to its users. This projector comes with a 3 year warranty that makes it extraordinary. Also, this projector has the unique feature of remote control for both projector and the Android TV. There is a special note that Netflix is not currently available on this projector; you have to cast Netflix content via your laptop.

Why It Stands To Us

The primary reason for its standing is its 3 year warranty. You can contact us. Our Us based customer service is always available to listen to your complaints and requirements. You can also contact for any queries, and the team is always ready to help its users and the customers.

  • It provides endless entertainment.
  • User-friendly
  • Clear image, very bright, and easy to set up
  • The picture is super clear and crispy
  • Certified by Google due to enhanced compatibility
  • Casting opportunities with airplay and Chromecast
  • Compatible with Google Play Store and Android TV
  • A bit expensive


Bringing it All together

So, that was all about our research on the best 4K projector for gaming. You can also explore them before reaching the final decision. Ensure to look for your required factors before making a final decision, including the image quality, sound level, and budget. ANSI lumens are also essential to consider in terms of image quality. More the number, the better the experience. Also, you can explore the best brands like Optoma and BenQ for a more satisfactory choice.

That was all from our side. Leave the comment if you enjoyed reading it and if it was helpful for you.