Best Projector For iPad

Many projectors choose from, and the one you pick can make or break your event. It is essential to find a projector with good quality pictures and sound so that everyone can enjoy it. To help you find the best projector for iPad, we’ve compiled five reviews and a guide that will give you an idea of what you should be looking for when shopping around!

A Guide To Buy The Best Projector For iPad

If you have an iPad, so what do you need to know before purchasing a projector? Here is a buying guide that can help make this decision easier. It is essential to consider size, weight, resolution, and brightness when looking for the right projector.

You should also ask yourself how often you’ll use it in various environments and if you are planning on using an external screen or not. Other factors that you need to consider include:

Size And Weight

Size and weight are essential to consider when purchasing a projector. You need to find the right size for your needs and not too heavy, so it is easy to transport without help from others. If you plan to use an external screen, this can be lighter than adding mirrors or screens around, like some big conference rooms.


Resolution is another critical consideration to make when purchasing a projector. The higher, the better is what many people want, but there can be tradeoffs like cost or battery life. So, you need to find one that will work best for your needs without breaking the budget or draining batteries quickly.


It would be best if you also considered a projector’s connectivity. There are many different ways you can connect your iPad or another device. But it will depend on what type of content you want to show and how up-to-date the technology is in the room where you’ll use it.

  • For example, if there is a screen on the wall, it might be best to match that with an HDMI connection.
  • If you are looking for something more portable and don’t mind making some concessions in picture quality or brightness, there is always the option to connect wirelessly via Airplay mirroring.
  • It also has other great features like showing your iPad’s camera feed on the projector screen.


Many projectors have a maximum brightness rating. You will want to take this into account when choosing your projector. The projected image needs to be visible and well-lit to create an enjoyable viewing experience.

  • If you use the projector in rooms with good natural light, lower max brightness ratings might work just fine.
  • Lumens are units that measure brightness and power consumption for your projector.
  • The more lumens, the better image quality. So, do check them.

Contrast Ratio

It measures how well the projector can display different shades of colors and dark areas on the screen that are not too bright or light, respectively. It has to do with contrast, and your image needs to show subtle details like gradients in skin tones and the colors in a sunset or sunrise.

Lens size

The lens size of your projector will impact how big and bright your projected image is on the screen. A larger lens means projecting images with higher resolutions onto more giant screens for an improved viewing experience.

  • There are some fundamental tradeoffs to keep in mind: a larger lens often means less portability and will use more power.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of your projector determines the width and height (side to side) of your projected image on the screen. In other words, how wide or tall you want it to be. Most projectors can project in 16:09. However, some projectors may be able to go up to a cinematic aspect ratio of 21.85:14.

7 Best Projector Reviews [For iPad]

If you’re looking for a projector to accompany your iPad, we have reviews on the best projectors that will work with your tablet. We have done all of the research and compiled a list of five top-rated projectors that are perfect for your needs. Let’s get started!



Mounting Options





QKK Portable Projector

Tripod & Ceiling Mount

5000 Lumens



CiBest Mini

Wall Mount

4500 Lumens



Epson Pro EX9210

Ceiling Mount

3400 Lumens



ELEPHAS Mini Projector

Table, Tripod & Ceiling




Epson Ultra LS300


6000 Lumens



POYANK Wifi Projector

Ceiling Mount

6500 Lumens



Lg Pf50ka 


600 Lumens


1. QKK Portable Projector (Our Top Pick)

QKK 2021 Upgraded Projector

We will start with the QKK Mini Projector. The QKK Mini projector is one of the most miniature projectors on this list, yet it still has a great picture and sound quality. This mini projector could be suitable for those looking to have their event in small spaces and don’t need anything to show large images.

  • With its various input options, such as HDMI Cable or USB Flash Drive, you have more freedom over what device you want to connect your iPad too!
  • This mini projector can have true HD (1920×1080) resolution with its LED light source, which means it can give you high-quality pictures!
  • The sound from this little guy also isn’t too shabby either, as it will still produce sharp sounds with clarity even when playing a video that does not have surround sound on!
  • If you are looking for something more versatile than the QKK projectors, maybe another option would suit your needs better.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the portability feature and versatility. The QKK Mini projector is suitable in size for those who want a small and easy-to-transport device. This one will be your favorite if you’re traveling around and don’t have much space. Also, it is easy to connect with your iPad to enjoy your favorite movies.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Best native resolution
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Best color combinations and contrast ratio
  • Budget-friendly with a high lamp life
  • Less functionality in bright rooms (You need to dim the light)


2. CiBest Outdoor Movie Projector (Runner-Up)

CiBest Video Projector

Next up, we have the CiBest outdoor movie projector, which is part of the best outdoor movie projectors for iPads! It features an ultra HD screen (1920×1080) so that everyone gets a clear view of the picture. It also has a brightness of 4500 lumens and a 2000:01 contrast ratio, so you can be sure that your image will always look great!

  • This projector can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling of any room, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space.
  • You’ll also love that this one is compatible with a lot of different devices!
  • Whether you’re using an iPad or something else like your laptop computer or smartphone, there will always be some way for you to connect and enjoy whatever it is that’s being played.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is its built-in speaker system which has two channels and Bluetooth connectivity. It means that if you want better sound quality, then all you need to do is plug in some speakers into the back of the projector, and everything will work beautifully together!

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  • Keystone correction to prevent blurriness
  • Easy connection with multiple devices
  • Cost-effective
  • Multiple mounting options
  • User-friendly design
  • A bit loud


3. Epson Pro EX9210 Projector (Most Powerful)

Epson Pro EX9210

Third, we have the Epson pro EX9220 projector, one of the best projectors for iPad with its 1920×1080 resolution. This projector is very powerful (3400 ANSI Lumen), yet it still produces a clear picture on any surface!

  • You’ll appreciate how easy this projector makes using your iPad because it features Keystone Correction Adjustments (-50 to + 50 degrees).
  • Not only are these adjustments unique, but they’re super helpful when projecting onto surfaces.
  • They work best on uneven walls or floors where you don’t want distortion affecting your presentation’s quality.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is its versatility. This projector is also really versatile because it has two HDMI inputs and one VGA input, as well as a USB port for connecting to your iPad or laptop. The resolution of 1080P with a zoom lens makes a difference.

  • Best visual experience
  • Best immersion in while watching movies
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Remote for easy control
  • Top-notch WIFI/Mirroring function
  • A bit pricey


4. ELEPHAS Mini Projector (Best Portable Projector For iPad)

ELEPHAS 2021 Upgrade Projector

Fourth, we have the ELEPHAS projector, which features an incredible brightness with its 1280×800 resolution. It means that you’ll get excellent clarity no matter where you project this device! It’s a great choice in terms of portability.

  • You can even connect multiple devices (like laptops) at once, thanks to its dual HDMI ports.
  • Best of all, there’s built-in Wi-Fi so that you can control it from anywhere without any cords required!
  • The remote feature makes things very easy – point and click on what you want to be played and enjoy the show!
  • The ELEPHAS Mini Projector is slightly more affordable than some of the other projectors on our list. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, this one might be perfect!

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the portability and versatility. It is a smaller version of some of our best projectors for iPad. It has HD resolution and high brightness, so you know that this projector will produce an excellent image on any surface! The speakers are also pretty powerful too, considering they’re in a small device. This mini projector also has many input options like HDMI Cable or USB Flash Drive, so you don’t need anything else!

  • Best image quality
  • Built-in speakers
  • Provides original audio fidelity
  • Light-protection
  • Noise-reduction technology
  • It does not come with a tripod (You need to buy separately)


5. FANGOR WIFI Projector (Wireless Projector For iPad)

FANGOR WiFi Projector

Lastly, we have FANGOR WIFI Projector with its 720p resolution and 6000 lumens brightness. This projector can be used as either a stand-alone or remote-controlled unit to share your presentation with those around you easily. Looking for a high-quality remote-controlled and stand-alone company? Look no further than this one.

  • Also, you won’t need to worry about them constantly asking what’s going on because it runs off Android OS.
  • You’ll also be able to connect your device wirelessly so that the projector’s cable does not limit you!
  • It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can stream your favorite movies or videos from any device (Smartphone, laptop) right to your TV!

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the high image quality. You can watch any video or pictures without any hassle of a blur. This is great because many projectors don’t include enough features to make them worth buying. But not this one – everything about it works flawlessly and seamlessly.

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  • Easy to carry due to lightweight
  • Superb image quality
  • Multiple connectivity options (HDMI, AV, WIFI, USB)
  • Best iPhone casting/mirroring performance
  • A bit pricey


6. POYANK 5500 WiFi Projector

POYANK 5500 WiFi Projector

Poyank 5500 Wifi is considered one of the best projectors for iPad. It is one of the newly found technologies in the market. You can easily project the movies or work videos from your iPad without any difficulty.

If someone is fond of playing movies on television he knows that there are a lot of things before he or she can enjoy their experience. But with the invention of the Poyank 5500 wifi projector, you just need to connect your iPad with it and then sit back and just enjoy your movie experience.

The main reason for this device being so much in demand is due to its low price tag which is under $100. So this doesn’t burden your pocket too much and you get all the features you want in a small range.

Poyank 5500 Wifi projector offers full HD high resolution of 1920x1080p which displays clear and high-quality images. This projector has a high contrast ratio of 2,000:1 which is not up to the mark but is still ok keeping in mind the amount of money you are spending.

It has a high screen size ranging from 32” – 176” which allows covering a larger and bigger area than normal. It has a brightness of 5500 lumens which makes it different from its competitors.

  • High Resolution of 1920x1080p
  • High Brightness
  • Compatible device
  • The contrast ratio could have improved


7. LG PF50KA Projector

Lg Pf50ka Dlp Projector

Another product in our list of best projectors for iPad is LG PF50KA. This device is considered one of the most compatible products available in the market. You can easily connect if you just have a wifi connection. You can easily carry it around in your houses without having the difficulty of moving the bundles of wires or cables.

This projector comes with two built-in speakers both of which have different functions. One speaker is used for sound effects and the other one is used for playback music. This unique feature of two speakers makes it a step ahead of other devices. It sorts out your problem of connecting any other additional speakers to improve the sound system.

It comes with a full HD resolution of 1920x1080p which is potentially the best resolution for providing crystal clear and sharp images. The main distinguishing feature of this device is its high contrast ratio of 100,000:1 which is far greater than most of the other projectors in the market.

It has a slightly less display size of 25-150” but is still good for projecting movies inadequate areas. It has a brightness of lumens 600 which is not the main attracting feature of this product.

  • Wireless connectivity via Wifi
  • High contrast ratio of 100,000:1
  • Full HD display
  • Two built-in speakers
  • The screen size is not too big
  • Brightness could be improved


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you use an iPad with a projector?

The simple answer is yes; you can! The great thing about it is that many different apps are available for streaming your favorite shows and movies from your device’s screen onto any size surface. Also, you can check for compatibility of the projector with the iPad.

How do I mirror my iPad to my projector?

While a connection is not necessary, you may want to connect your iPad and projector using an HDMI cable so that the sound will be synced with the images. Also, you can use casting apps for mirroring your iPad to a projector.

Which projectors work with iPad?

While choosing a wireless projector for iPad, consider that the casting technology is compatible with the projector. In the case of the wired projector, you can go with HDMI and USB compatibility.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! Well, hopefully, this article has helped you take some of the guesswork out of deciding on which projector for iPad to buy. If you’re still on the fence about which one is best, we recommend checking out our list of best projectors for iPhone.

What are your thoughts? Did we miss anything important in our list, or did any other projectors come up that should be added? Let us know below!