Best Projector Under 1000

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Updated Jan 10, 2023

Having a perfect projector without resolution, positioning, and scaling hassles might be your dream. Today, we’ve presented the best projector under 1000$ to solve the lagging issue. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, traveler, or need a projector for your office or home cinema, we’ve presented the best choices for you.

Our primary focus of attention in this article is quality, either in terms of keystone correction, ANSI lumens, or resolution. So, let’s get into the world of projectors.

Before you buy a projector make sure you check this detailed and ultra helpful guide to help you decide according the best projector for you according to your personal needs: How to Choose the Right Projector for Different Room Sizes & Uses



Our Rating



ViewSonix PX701-4K

Editor's Choice


Epson Home Cinema 2250 Projector


Epson Pro EX9240 3 LCD

Best For Business Presentations


BenQ MW560 Business Projector

Best for Bright Offices


BenQ GV30

Best For Outdoor Use


Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Projector


Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw


BenQ HT2050A 1080P Projector


Optoma HD28HDR


VANKYO Performance V630W

Best Budget 1080p Projector

A Guide To Choose The Best Projector Under 1000 Dollars

Choosing the right projector is not an easy task. It must be perfect in all dimensions like resolution and connectivity for a hassle-free output. Any loophole can lead to messing up the whole show and spoiling of mood.

So, to maintain your watching experience, here are some factors you need to consider while searching for the best projector under $1000.

Your Demands And Requirements

First of all, you need to determine your requirements and expectations from a projector. There is a chance that you need it for your home theater or for enhancing your gaming experience. You may be looking for one that works best with office presentations or for a unit to assist in your traveling.

So, for whatever you’re looking for, either it’s for short-throw or long-throw, note your requirements. Take a paper and pen and write your desired features.

Lumens Of Projector

What will be the brightness of the final image shown on the screen? While spending your money, you definitely won’t be looking for a dull picture. For ensuring the high quality of the picture, check for ANSI lumens of the unit you’re intended to buy.

For calculating your desired lumens, you can check the light condition of your room. If your room’s lights can be dimmed, you won’t need an extremely bright projector. But if the ambient light in the room is high, you’ll need a projector with high ANSI lumens.

Below is a chart indicating the lumens required depending on the space.

  • Cinema Room Without Windows – 2000 ANSI Lumens
  • Living Room With Blinds – 2500 ANSI Lumens
  • Living Room Without Blinds – 3000 ANSI Lumens
  • A Well Lit Meeting Room –3000 ANSI Lumens
  • A Small Conference Room (Not So Lit) – 4000 ANSI Lumens
  • A Well Lit Conference Room – 5000 ANSI Lumens
  • A Carport (With Less Light) – 6000 ANSI Lumens

Noise Level

The noise produced by a projector should be considerable. The other case will lead to disturbance during gaming or watching your favorite movie. The minimum acceptable noise by a projector is 30dB. Whether your project is small or large, or for the home theater of gaming, check for this level to prevent irritation in the future.


Your projector should be able to make connections with your phone or laptop in case of any emergency. The presence of ports is necessary to prevent any mishap in this case. A proper digital connection with the device of your choice will serve the purpose. Below mentioned connections would be necessary in this regard.

Digital Connection – DVA, HDMI port Analog Connection – VGA

Display technology

The two commonly used technologies of the projector are DLP and LCD. Each display technology has its perks depending on your user needs.

  • The projectors functioning on DLP technology are mostly pricey but are great in projecting a sharp image. Also, they’re well-versed in terms of image presentation and contrast ratio. Being more recent than LCD projectors, DLP projectors are more sought-after.
  • The projectors with LCD technology are significant in terms of color brightness and quality. The high brightness and focusing abilities make them best for high-end use. Besides, you won’t have to deal with the rainbow effect as well.

Other Features To Look For

Some other features that you must check in your projector are as follows:

  • Check for the optical zoom feature, as it’s great if you’re sitting at long distances.
  • Check for lens shift as it’s excellent for preventing motion blur. It also provides clarity during movements.
  • To prevent distortion, you can check for the keystone correction feature. It will be helpful in proper apprehension.
  • Check that either your projector is short-throw or long-throw and analyze the positioning and viewing distance.

Hence, these are some factors you need to consider before choosing the best projector under $1000. Do analyze them for gaining a bright, sharp final image from your projector.

How did we choose the best projectors under 1000?

The type of projector you should get greatly depends on your intended use. From DLP projectors to LCD projectors, full HD resolution, and wireless screen mirroring; there is a lot to choose from. Well, worry no more! We made it a point to include projectors from every category into this list to ensure maximum ease for you.

Depending upon your needs, you might need an enhanced gaming mode or wireless casting technology in your projector. Fortunately, you can get this and a lot more all under a budget of $1000. The advancement in technology has made premium features such as vertical lens shift and spinning color wheel easily accessible.

Our picks feature some of the top models in the market right now that perform great in dark as well as well-lit rooms.

Top 10 Best Projectors Under $1000

After checking for the required features, you can easily select your desired product. But wait a second. What if we ease down the selection process for you? So, we’ve reviewed some top-notch products, and you can select the one according to your needs.

  • Home Theater Projectors Reviews
  • Business Activities Projectors Reviews
  • Outdoor Projectors Reviews
  • Gaming Projectors Reviews
  • 1080P Projectors Reviews

Best Home Theater Projectors Under $1000

For your home theater, the projector must be capable of coping with fast-moving scenes and projecting a sharp image. With a 4K enhancement option and other valuable features, here are our recommendations for the best home theater projector under 1000$.

1. ViewSonix PX701-4K– Our Top Pick

Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumens | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Lamp Life: 20,000 hours | Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1 | Native Resolution: 4K


  • Native 4K Resolution
  • Affordable Price
  • 10W Built-in Speaker
  • HDR/HLG Support
  • 4.2ms Input Lag


  • Lacking Contrast Ratio
  • No Smart Features/Android TV

If versatility is what you’re looking for, the ViewSonic PX701-4K is the best projector under $1000. It can handle any and everything you throw at it thanks to the impressive spec sheet.

Need a projector for gaming consoles? For high-res movies and streaming? The ViewSonic PX701-4K is all this, and more.

The best feature on the PX701-4K has to be the native 4K resolution support. Finding a 4K projector under 1000 bucks is tough. There aren’t many on the market, which makes the PX701-4K stand out even more.

Even the PX701-4K’s predecessor, the ViewSonic PX701HD is lacking compared to the 4K variant.

The main upgrade is the resolution which dictates how sharp and clear the image is. The PX701HD has a 1080p FHD resolution.

The higher 4K resolution means sharper, brighter, and clearer images the PX701HD just can’t match up to. And while the 4K version is slightly higher priced, the upgraded resolution is worth it.

The projector also features a 3200 ANSI Lumens brightness for usage in dimly lit environments or rooms with ambient light. It’s a relatively high brightness setting so you shouldn’t have any problems with daily usage.

Additionally, it supports both HDR and HLG alongside SuperColor technology to create incredibly vivid colors and a wider color gamut.

The contrast ratio is a bit underwhelming at just 15,000:1 but the additional color enhancement features make up for it.

For gamers, the PX701-4K supports a super low 4.2ms input lag and 240Hz refresh rate for quick response times and fast motion. This makes the PX701-4K suited for watching sports, football matches, etc.

The DLP projector also has auto-vertical/horizontal keystones, anti-warping stabilization, and a 1.1x optical zoom for easy setups.

With everything the PX701-4K has to offer, its value compared to the price is impressive.

It does lack somewhat in terms of contrast ratio and missing Android TV/Smart feature support. If you can look past that though, the PX701-4K is a powerful projector for under $1000.

2. Epson Home Cinema 2250 HD Projector – Best Picture Quality

Epson Home Cinema 2250 Projector

This Epson home cinema projector is the best Epson projector under $1000.

Compared to the 2250’s little brother, the 2200, the 2250 has a better contrast ratio, zoom capabilities, and a much higher contrast ratio for excellent color brightness, deep blacks and whites.

Being a home cinema HD projector, it can enhance your movie time with detailed images. The option of using android TV, YouTube, Hulu, and other applications makes it noteworthy.

The 2700 ANSI lumens play their part in proper image projection. The final result is pretty satisfying. But you may face issues if there is high ambient light in your room. The method of setting it up is relatively easy. Also, there are multiple connectivity options for ease of use.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason that this Epson Home Cinema projector stands out is the best image quality it provides and the color accuracy. It’s a 4k projector under $1000 and the lens shift option makes it easy to adjust the image without moving the projector.

The high color quality and white brightness, contrast ratio, and color smoothness are also noteworthy, providing the best results when watching movies.

  • High resolution and image quality
  • The capability of adding external speakers

  • Installed apps for convenience

  • Easy to install and use

  • Absence of digital output option on HDMI
  • A bit loud when shifting to cinema mode

Bottom Line

Hence, the projector is excellent in terms of image quality, brightness, and sharpness. But the slight noise in cinema mode can cause a disturbance.

Best Projectors For Business Activities Under $1000

For business activities, ANSI lumens play an essential role. Also, the brightness of the room matters a lot. More the ambient light in the room more will be the requirement of ANSI lumens. Below are some of the best projectors under 1000 dollars meant for business-level use.

3. Epson Pro EX9240 3 LCD Projector – Best For Business Presentations

Brightness: 4000 Lumens | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Lamp Life: 12,000 hours | Contrast Ratio: 16,000:1 | Native Resolution: 1080p


  • High 4000L Brightness
  • 1080p Resolution
  • True 3-Chip 3LCD Technology
  • Wireless Connectivity Options
  • Powerful 16W Speakers


  • Low-end Lamp Life
  • Costly for a Business Projector

Another Epson projector is on the list but this time the projector focuses on the business segment of users. The Epson Pro Ex9240 is an excellent choice for daily meetings and presentations and comes with a variety of useful features.

It comes with a 1080p native resolution and high 4000L brightness that you wouldn’t usually see on a business projector.

You’re assured fantastic picture quality and visual fidelity aren’t washed out even if used in daylight or in rooms with ambient light.

This is in part thanks to Epson’s True 3-Chip 3LCD technology which ensures consistent color accuracy and brightness with 100% RGB color. This also helps mitigate the rainbow effect and any inaccurate color issues you might see on DLP projectors.

Compared to its predecessor, the Epson Pro EX9220, there’s a big evolution in features.

The EX9220 set a solid foundation for the series but it was slightly lacking in features.

The EX9240 includes native Full HD resolution, higher brightness & contrast ratio, and a longer lamp life and this makes it a whole different projector altogether.

Since it’s got such a great spec sheet, it can function as a business presentations projector by day and take it home for movie nights. Not every business-oriented projector can do that reliably.

Adding on to the already impressive feature list, the EX9240 also supports wireless connectivity via Miracast and includes dual HDMI ports, VGA input, and USB-A for dongles/Plug ‘n Play.

You won’t have a problem projecting different kinds of devices with this one. It also has a booming 16W speaker setup for presentations with sound effects.

Overall, the EX9240 has plenty to offer for office presentations and a home theater projector. It has excellent brightness, color reproduction, a high resolution, and built in speakers making it a complete package for any usage, even though it’s a bit expensive for a business projector.

4. BenQ MW560 Business Projector – Best for Bright Offices

Brightness: 4000 ANSI Lumens | Aspect Ratio: 16:10| Lamp Life: 15,000 hours | Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1 | Native Resolution: WXGA


  • Value-for-Money
  • High ANSI Brightness
  • SmartEco Mode
  • Flexible Setup Features


  • No Wireless Connectivity Options

To handle all your office projection needs, especially for use in bright offices, the BenQ MW560 is a capable projector.

The biggest standout feature is the high brightness, measuring in at 4000 ANSI Lumens which is more than capable for brightly lit rooms.

It also features a 1280 x 800 WXGA native resolution which isn’t the best, but it’s capable considering the price point. Remember, this is built for use in offices so high resolution for movies and entertainment isn’t the focus.

The MW560 is optimized to show crystal-clear clarity figures, graphs, and crisp text without any fuzziness or blur. You can take advantage of three different modes when presenting including a Data Review mode, Presentation Mode, and Infographic mode.

These are optimized for their specific tasks and can easily be switched out on the fly.

Compared to other BenQ projectors in the same price range like the MW530, it has a higher WXGA resolution and better 10W speakers for deep sound with a kicky bass.

Besides these killer specs, the MW560 has a Smart Eco mode that results in a 15,000-hour lamp life which will last you a long time. It also includes an auto-vertical keystone correction and a retractable foot to easily adjust horizontal projections.

Setting up the MW560 is a breeze and you don’t need to fiddle around and waste time preparing the projector.

When you consider everything included in the package, the MW560 is a performer through and through. The low price tag is the icing on an already delicious cake, notching a spot on our list even though it would be better if it had more connectivity options.

Best Projectors For Outdoor Use Under $1000

Getting the best projector that serves best for outdoor movie plans or camping time can be a hassle. You need to get one that can cope with the luminous light outside. A projector with around 4000 ANSI lumens can be the best bet in this regard. Let’s discuss them more.

5. BenQ GV30 – Best For Outdoor Use

Brightness: 300 ANSI Lumens | Aspect Ratio: 16:9 | Lamp Life: 20,000 hours | Contrast Ratio: 100,000:1 | Native Resolution: 720p


  • Super Portable
  • Built-in Battery Usage
  • Dual 4W Speakers & 8W Woofer
  • Android TV Support


  • Lacking Resolution
  • Loud Fan Noise

Unequivocally the best projector under $1000 for outdoor usage, the BenQ GV30 will top any list in terms of portability. This is a genius little projector that has a lot of great features in a mini form factor.

The biggest standout here is the portability aspects as the GV30 can easily fit into a backpack for on-the-go movie nights. It weighs 3.53lbs and measures in at 4.7″ x 7.7″ x 7.3″ dimensions which is excellent for a projector of this quality.

It has a 300 ANSI Lumens brightness which is ideal for dimly lit environments and nighttime usage.

However, this means it doesn’t stack up as well in rooms with a lot of light or in the daylight.

It also features a 720p native resolution but it has a staggering 100,000:1 contrast ratio which is fantastic for deep contrasted colors and sharpness. It would’ve been better if it was a 1080p resolution, but it’s still manageable for most users.

The WEMAX DICE is a prime example of a 1080p portable projector similar to the GV30. It’s slightly costlier, but it has improvements in brightness and resolution.

On the other hand, the GV30 is a better complete package thanks to its portability, design, and additional features. One aspect it can’t lose out on is the sound quality.

The GV30 has an advanced sound system consisting of dual 4W speakers and an 8W woofer for booming bass. In that sense, the GV30 is a better portable, outdoor projector.

You’ll also notice a little leather strap protruding on the top of the projector.

These little additions make a great impact because it’s much easier to carry around and allow for a smaller form factor.

You also can directly project via Chromecast and AirPlay, Android TV support, and 2.5-hour battery usage.

One downside is the BenQ GV30 has pretty loud fan noise. You can definitely notice it and it can distract you, but overall, considering the size it’s a decent compromise.

For people who need a projector, they can carry around or move easily, the BenQ GV30 is an excellent option for under $1000. The resolution is slightly lacking, but if you can look past it, the GV30 is worth it.

6. Anker Nebula Capsule – Best Look And Performance

Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Projector

How about pocket cinema with Android TV, which is as tiny as cola and can be bright enough to project in relatively dark rooms? It’s an Anker projector which is another best projector under 1000 dollars. It is 100% portable because it is lightweight and has an embedded battery.

Compared to the original Nebula Capsule, the Nebula Capsule II had a steep evolution including higher brightness, contrast ratio, and increased 720p resolution.

The Capsule II is a big step up and while it is slightly more expensive, the upgrades are worth the price.

Furthermore, it’s independent of an operating system because it has its own. Despite a lack of HD resolution, which is limited by the device’s size, the vivid colors and contrast truly compensate for that absence. The reason is that the video quality is good-looking.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the portability of the device. For connectivity, there are HDMI ports and micro USB ports. There’s a convenient remote control and physical buttons on the top. Like most projectors that are portable, the nebula capsule is also very similar to an Android TV box.

  • High-quality omnidirectional speaker
  • Streaming services available

  • Fine latency performance

  • A fantastic solution for running presentations and videos

  • Budget-friendly

  • It does not provide an HD display

Bottom Line

It is a suitable device for people who don’t look for the best picture quality. It is not an HD projector, but the color accuracy and quality and contrast ratio compensate for it.

Best Gaming Projectors Under 1000$

Are you looking for a lag-free gaming option for the best experience? Below mentioned options can be the best bet. Let’s get into the best gaming projector under $1000.

7. Optoma GT1080HDR Gaming Projector – Best Sound Quality

Optoma GT1080HDR Gaming Projector

Optoma GT1080HDR is the best short-throw projector under $1000 with 3000 lumens and a resolution of 1080p. It has two HDMI ports, and all the special peripherals need to hook it up. It’s a pretty awesome projector primarily aimed at gamers and generally the professionals who need a 1080p projector with pretty decent response times.

Compared to its predecessor the Optoma GT780, the GT1080HDR is a significant upgrade with HDR10 support 1080p resolution and a high contrast ratio.

The newer model, the GT1090HDR is more expensive but it features a brighter lamp. Otherwise, the spec sheets match up almost exactly.

Considering you can get the GT1080HDR at a fraction of the price and updated spec sheet, the GT1080HDR is a better value between the two.

Additionally the projector has a 14-millisecond input latency from you clicking a button to having it appear on the screen. The low input lag is what makes it the best projector under 1000.

It comes with two HDMI ports, one of which the main one is MHL compatible. So if you want to use your Samsung Smartphone for streaming, then you’re good to go. Apart from mobile devices, you can also use it with Apple TV to maximize its productivity.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is decent sound quality. Also, it has an audio output as well. So if you don’t want to use the included speaker, you can use it. It sounds very much that the sound is coming from the non-existent soundbar or TV screen.

  • Best for the lag-free gaming experience
  • The projector supports HDR10 display technology for accurate color display

  • Multiple connectivity options

  • Short throw range Vertical keystone correction

  • A power-hungry unit (Consumes a lot)

Bottom Line

No doubt, an excellent unit for enhancing the gaming experience with accurate colors and superb sound.

8. BenQ HT2050A Gaming Projector – Best For Gaming

BenQ HT2050A Projector

BenQ HT2050A is another best projector under $1000 meant for gaming. It has a high-quality glass lens providing a sharp focus. Also, it has a lens shift for vertical adjustments. It’s shifting the lens up and down which in case you have the projector a little too high up or a little too low down, it’s the option.

It has 1.3 times zoom capacity. It’s a pretty middle-range zoom, maybe a touch on the shorter throw side. But if you got a projector, central their projection calculator is an excellent tool for seeing if a projector will be able to fit within your specific space.

In terms of picture quality, the BenQ HT2050A features a 2200L brightness and native 1080p resolution.

Compared to its older version the BenQ HT2150ST , the HT2050A has the same brightness and resolution but it also features a horizontal + vertical keystone, vertical lens shift, and a longer throw distance because the HT2150ST is a short-throw projector.

Depending on your room setup, this may make a difference, but otherwise, the HT2050A is a better value thanks to the additional setup features.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the availability of multiple connection options. It has an HDMI and USB port. Also, there are the other niceties’ typical old connections. There is also an audio component, an old computer 15 pin connection, and the rs-232 connection.

A 12-volt trigger can sync the turning on of your projector with a motorized projector screen, so you’d be nice and slick about it. On top of that it uses DLP technology.

  • High-quality image and video projection
  • DLP displaying technology

  • High resolution

  • Best budget option

  • Various connectivity options

  • No option of keystone correction

Bottom Line

Hence, it is an excellent option for gaming enthusiasts to allow a lag-free experience with an excellent contrast ratio due to being a DLP projector.

Best 1080p Projectors Under $1000

A projector with a 1080p resolution is something that makes the experience more and more enjoyable. You can check our recommended products in this regard to make the best choice.

9. Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector – Best Versatile Projector

Optoma HD28HDR Home Theater Projector

Optoma home theater 4k projector is one of our top picks for the best projector under 1000$. With highly efficient performance and 4K input display technology, the projector can cast sharp and bright images on the screen.

Also, the resolution of 1080p along with a high contrast ratio makes it the best bet for home cinemas. From watching movies to playing games; it makes an ideal projector for all your needs.

Compared to a similar Optoma model, the Optoma HD146x, the HD28HDR has HDR support and better color accuracy.

With HDR support and a higher contrast ratio, pictures will look vibrant without losing out on quality. It can project true-to-life images that are bright enough to function in different environments.

The 3600ANSI lumens make it even suitable for an ambient room. You won’t need to dim the lights for the best experience. Also, the high color profile and contrast ratio will make the viewing experience amazing with white brightness and no rainbow effect. The Projector supports Dynamic Black Display Technology and provides a detailed image, whether it’s bright or dark.

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the versatile features with tremendous output. With HDMI port and USB connectivity options, it’ll serve best to connect with the device of your choice. The high refresh rates, 3D compatibility, and short-throw distances make it the best projector under 1000. The zoom and keystone correction feature ends up the debate.

  • Crispy bright image quality
  • Easy to set up on ceiling and table

  • High image resolution and contrast ratio

  • It can be a good choice for gaming enthusiasts (It works well with PS3 and PS4 through HDMI)

  • Gaming mode with high refresh rates

  • Lasting lamp life

  • Not suitable for XBOX users (4K feature won’t work)
  • A bit noisy while starting up

Bottom Line

The Optoma projector is well-versed for home theater and gaming enthusiasts, but it lacks XBOX users’ features.

10. VANKYO 1080P Projector – Best Budget 1080p Projector

VANKYO V630W Projector

VANKYO is the last recommended product for the best projector under 1000$. The characters and background look crispy, and the colors are fully dynamic. There is plenty of versatility and flexibility with this projector, no matter your screen’s size. It can provide you with ideal imagery within its borders.

No matter what kind of video content you want to play, the colors are improved thanks to the projector’s high brightness power. It’s measured up to 6,500 lumens which would make the image look good in bright ambient light condition

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the best resolution. It has a standard native resolution which is 1920 by 1080. So basically, to put this in a number like a more practical way. It’s a full HD image and whenever you use the projector to play videos or games. It has a 5000 by 1 contrast ratio, and the pixel quality will be sharp, and the image detail will be extreme.

  • Best 1080P resolution
  • Screen mirroring for best performance

  • Front, rear, ceiling installation options

  • Auto and manual keystone correction

  • Mobile applications won’t work flawlessly

Bottom Line

It is the best budget projector that will light on your pocket and provide the best viewing experience.

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Final verdict

Now that you have a list of the best projectors under 1000 dollars, it is time to choose one for yourself. How do you do that? For starters, you need to specify your needs. You need a home cinema projector or a 4K projector under 1000?

If you need a short-throw projector model for your home cinema with enhanced brightness and a significantly higher contrast ratio; the ViewSonic PX701-4K would make an excellent choice.

For outdoor movie nights and camping trips; you need a portable projector that does not take up a lot of space. Moreover, enhanced color accuracy and color brightness are essential as well.

If you are looking for budget projectors that can be used outdoors; BenQ GV30 is what you should invest in. With long lamp life and a significantly higher contrast ratio and brightness, it is an ideal projector in the same price range.


What is the best home theater projector?

The best home theater projector needs to have a significant resolution, brightness, and high contrast ratio for excellent picture quality. ViewSonic PX701-4K is one of the best options. However, the projector’s brightness is the most important aspect since your living room is prone to get comparatively more light.

What is the best projector for gaming with premium image quality?

BenQ HT2050A makes an excellent gaming projector by checking all the marks. The best projectors for gaming must be able to display sharp picture quality along with a low input lag. A high contrast ratio and resolution enhance the gaming experience by providing real-life graphics on a big screen.

3. Which projector works well in bright rooms?

Projectors for bright rooms come with high brightness levels, providing you with razor-sharp images. If you are using your projector in the living room or bedroom that gets ample sunlight; invest in a projector with a minimum of 3000-lumen brightness.

Wrapping Up

Hence, that was all about the best projector under $1000 reviews. You can easily choose the one that caters to your demands. Just don’t forget to check ANSI lumens as they’re the base of getting a crispy bright image. Either for home theaters or gaming, just choose the best and enhance your viewing time.