How to Connect PS4 to Projector?

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PlayStation is probably the most recognized and popular gaming consoles since the last two decades. The newer versions also allow streaming movies and other sources of entertainment with the new operating system installed in them by Sony. Most of the users want to enjoy this experience on a bigger screen as compared to a TV screen. This brings in the use of a projector.

Imagine you are playing on a big screen without any lag, it doubles your gaming experience. Most people don’t know that projector can be connected to PS4. In this article, we will share all the possible methods of “How to connect PS4 to Projector?”.

A few pros and cons of using the PS4 with a projector are mentioned below:


  • Better graphics quality
  • The bigger screen viewing experience


  • Wider viewing angle can cause motion sickness in some people.

Different Methods of Connecting PS4 to Projector

Following are the three methods of how to connect PS4 to a projector.

  • Through HDMI Cable
  • Through VGA Cable
  • Wireless method

1) Connecting PS4 to Projector through HDMI Cable

The first method of connecting PS4 to a Projector is through HDMI cable. It is one of the easiest methods. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will be good to go.

  • Press the power button on Projector to turn it on
  • Take your HDMI cable and connect on end of it to the HDMI port available on your projector (Always make sure to use a high-quality HDMI cable)
  • Turn on the PS4.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the port available on the PS4
  • Take your projector and search for the input search button. Press it and select the HDMI cable option.
  • Now you will have your PS4 display running on the Projector

The above-mentioned method is the most used one since HDMI cables are readily available.

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2) Connecting through VGA Cable

This method is quite different from the one which is mentioned above. For this, you need both an HDMI cable as well a VGA Adapter. Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect your PS4 with the projector:

  • The first step is to always ensure you have a high-quality VGA adapter. A slightly poor one can prove to be faulty.
  • Take an HDMI cable and connect one end of it with the PS4 and the other one with VGA Adapter
  • Now plug the VGA cable in the VGA port of the projector.
  • Press the input button located on your projector and select the mode under the VGA name. (Always make sure that the cables are tight at all joints)
  • To power up the system, your VGA adapter will use the micro USB cable to connect the adapter and the projector to provide a stable connection.
  • Now for the sound output, all you need to do is to use the Audio Port located on your adapter because VGA doesn’t provide the sound system
  • Now you will be able to connect your speakers (which support 3.5 audio cables)

That is how you can use your VGA to connect your PS4 to a Projector.

3) Connecting through PS4 to Projector Wirelessly

The most advanced method of connecting your PS4 to the projector is by a wireless method. This takes away the mess of tangled cables and gives your setup a cleaner look.

You need a number of things, including a Transmitter and Receiver of good quality, for this method.

There are multiple options of brands to choose from for transmitter and receiver including Aries Pro, Aries Plus by Nyrius or Aries Home. For ease of using a device that can be plugged wirelessly from a distance e.g Aries Prime can be plugged from at least 30 feet. They provide everything you need in the box including all accessories.

To use this method, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Connect the receiver with a Micro USB adapter and then by plugging the adapter in the power source, power up the receiver.
  • Now, connect the HDMI cable available with the receiver and the other end of the cable with the projector.
  • Similarly to the other methods, find the input search button located on the projector and select the HDMI mode option.
  • Now, to connect the transmitter to the PS4, use your micro USB cable with both transmitter and PS4.
  • After this, you can use two different options. Either plug the transmitter directly into the HDMI port or you can use a 90° angle adapter to perform this function
  • Now your transmitter and receiver will be linked with each other and your wireless method of connecting PS4 with projector wirelessly is completed.

Most of the time, both transmitter and receiver will be linked with each other automatically in 15 to 20 minutes. If not, you have to do it manually.

To do so, you need to follow the following steps:

  • The first step is disconnecting the Micro USB cable from the Transmitter
  • Now Press the power button and hold it until the orange light starts to blink from the power button.
  • After that, again plug the micro USB cable into the transmitter.
  • Similar to the above steps, disconnect the micro USB cable from the PS4.
  • Hold down the power button until the light starts to blink.
  • Again, plug the micro USB micro cable back into the PS4

Finally, your PS4 is connected wirelessly to the projector. You will see the display of the loading process on the Projector screen.

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We have shared with you all the possible methods and their detailed steps of how to connect PS4 to the projector. We hope that after reading this article you will not face any problems in establishing your connection, and you may help others out.