How to connect projector to laptop without VGA port

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We all have been in the situation where we are desperately trying to connect the projector in our lecture hall or auditorium, or have seen our professors, struggling with the VGA port and dongle to be connected properly or getting interrupted time after time. Also, there are many laptops now which don’t even come with a VGA input port (like the Macbook).  So you must be wondering what is the solution to it? How to connect a projector to a laptop without a VGA port? In this detailed guide, we are going to tell you exactly how.

VGA (video graphics array) port

Video Graphics Array is a port you would’ve mostly seen on laptops a few years back. These were the gold standards of connectivity across devices before the arrival of HDMI. Now HDMI has taken over as the standard connectivity option among devices and most of the laptops, PCs and gaming consoles have an HDMI port instead of a VGA.

Problems with VGA

VGA is an outdated technology that is rarely used nowadays due to several reasons. The biggest disadvantage of a VGA in the evolving world is that it has very limited support for higher and higher resolutions. This means that the picture quality cannot be improved after a certain limit while using VGA. Also, VGA cables are very easy to break and become faulty hence the frequent problems related to them.

Since most of the laptops are equipped with an HDMI port instead of a VGA output, connecting your projector which has a VGA input can be an irksome task to perform as unfortunately, most of the projectors are still using the VGA technology to connect to the visual input source in this modern era of HDMI.

Even some of the best laptops available in the market, like Apple Macbook, don’t come with the connectivity option of either VGA or HDMI, one has to find a way to connect your laptop to a projector.

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HDMI to VGA adapter:

In order to connect a projector to a laptop without VGA port, you will need to have a HDMI to VGA adapter device. You can find several of them on Amazon for very cheap prices. However, the editor’s recommended one is the Moread HDMI to VGA.

Step by step guide on how to connect projector to laptop without VGA port:

Follow these simple steps after purchasing the HDMI to VGA adapter to connect your projector to laptop:

  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Link your HDMI output cable from the laptop to the VGA input on your projector using the HDMI to VGA converter dongle that we previously mentioned (The HDMI to VGA adapter allows you to have a reasonably good picture quality of 1080p resolution, plus they also don’t require any external power supply to run).
  • If you are using the HDMI to VGA converter, you won’t need to connect a separate audio input from your laptop using an aux cable as the converter is already transmitting the audio.
  • However, if you are using a simple HDMI to VGA adapter instead of a converter, you’ll have to connect a separate audio input and output to be able to hear the audio, if you need to.
  • After this simple step, you are almost done.
  • Turn on your projector and laptop and you should notice that the HDMI to VGA is already working and there is a display screen on your projector.


We hope that this step by step guide on how to connect a projector to a laptop without a VGA port helped you in resolving your issue. Make sure to check out similar interesting articles on our blog and leave a comment below.