Best Projectors Under 150

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Updated Jan 12, 2023

Using projectors is the best way to enjoy movies or play games on a large screen. If you are looking for an incredible machine with a clear image view, then you should prefer to buy the best device.

But now, if you have a limited budget, but still you don’t want to compromise on quality, then don’t worry, here we have listed the best projectors under 150. These cost-effective pieces are optimal performing and best in quality.

Before you buy a projector make sure you check this detailed and ultra helpful guide to help you decide which is the best projector for you according to your personal needs: How to Choose the Right Projector for Different Room Sizes & Uses



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POYANK Wifi Projector


Artlii Full HD 1080P LED Projector


YABER V2 Mini Projector


Jinhoo Outdoor Mini Projector


WiMiUS S25 Video Projector


QKK Upgraded Mini Projector


Crenova Mini Portable Projector

Buying Guide For The Best Projector Under $150

Before you read reviews on the best projector under 150 dollars, first know some features the perfect machine must-have. You should consider the following factors before spending your money.


Connectivity is an important point to keep in mind. The best projectors under 150 come with HDMI, USB, or wifi connectivity. You have to check your feasibility.

These days, wifi is available almost in all homes, so you can refer to wireless connectivity, simply connect your phone with a projector, and here you go. You will connect your media to the projector and enjoy the movie without any hassle of wire connectivity.


Keep the focus on portability also. If you need a projector for outdoor activities, then do prefer lightweight portable, mini projectors. Otherwise, heavy and compact projectors are best for indoor purposes.


Don’t forget to check compatibility; before you buy, check whether the device you are going to buy can be connected with your smartphone, TV, or laptop or not.

Do a complete survey and ask the dealer about the compatibility with multiple devices. Don’t make a quick decision, do little homework, and then make a purchase.

Contrast ratio

Pick the projector that offers high contrast ratio for high picture quality. It is important, especially when you need it for outdoor purposes.

The projector with a low contrast ratio may not deliver a brighter image in outdoor spaces, especially during the daytime. Moreover, a projector with high contrast delivers clearer and crisper images.


Another important factor that you should not deny for premium image quality is the screen resolution.

Α projector with high resolution is preferable, especially if you want to play games and enjoy HD movies. Make check screen resolution of the big screen before you buy the projector.

Keystone correction

Keystone allows the adjustment of the picture on the screen. Try to pick the one having a plus-minus five keystone projection, so you can keep your projector anywhere and get an excellent screen view.

Throw Distance

Last but not least factor to look upon is the throw distance. For outdoor projection, a projector with a large throw distance is preferable. So it delivers a crispy and clear image. For indoor purposes, you can compromise on a small throw distance factor.

How did we choose the best projectors under 150?

Finding a projector under 150 may seem hard, however, you can find a lot in this range! From WXGA resolution to large screen sizes; the budget projectors on our list come equipped with all essential features.

The most crucial aspect of budget projectors is ensuring you do not exchange a better picture quality for a low upfront cost. A cheap projector may seem like a good deal at the moment, but it costs you more in the long run.

Hence, our first priority was to bring forward only the best projectors under 150 with a long lifespan.

The best part is, you can use any of these projectors with gaming consoles and turn them into a gaming projector. The diverse projection distance and multiple ports further add to their value.

Top 7 Best Projectors Under 150

1. Poyank TP-01 WiFi – Best Projector Under $150

POYANK WiFi Projector

Poyank is a well-known name in the projector market. If you are looking for the best projector under 150, then this model will truly meet your demand. The machine offers 80% more brightness as compared to the other projectors available under this range.

Moreover, it has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 that is awesome and displays amazing images. Even you operate it in slight light or outdoor environments; you will find no compromise in the brightness and contrast that it delivers.

The projector offers 1080P full HD and 1280*768 resolution. It delivers vivid video quality with extreme accuracy. Furthermore, the projector comes with the latest cooling technology. Thus, the projector will produce no annoying sound and give you a peaceful projection experience.

It offers a display size of 176 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio. For best results, you can keep the screen size with 98 inches display from 10 feet away from the machine. If you need it for watching movies or playing games, then it is a wonderful choice as the projector has built-in 3-watt speakers.

It produces enough sound that is comfortable for the home environment. No need to connect external speakers as their built-in speakers will produce a soothing sound, so you enjoy media with comfort.

The projector shows compatibility with Firestick, PS3, PS4, Smartphones, and TV. So you can connect any medium to enjoy your movie, game, or Tv show.


  • Advanced cooling system.
  • 50,000 hours of lamp life
  • No annoying noise
  • The 3-watt dual speaker system


  • In bright light the images are dull
  • There is a little delay when you connect games.

2. Artlii Full HD 1080P – Best Portable Projector Under 150

Artlii Full HD LED Projector

If you are looking for a budget-friendly projector, then give a chance to the Artlii 5500 LUX. It is a full HD projector having vivid colors. It offers an unbelievable watching experience on displaying an image to 150 inches screen size.

The projector is equipped with inbuilt 3-watt speakers. Moreover, it comes with a noise-reducing and advanced cooling system. In this way, the projector does not get hot.

The projector offers maximum brightness also. It offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1, which ensures the lively images and accurate production of colors and motion blur effect. It is a superb choice for those who are looking for a portable projector under 150.

It is an awesome piece to take with you during traveling. Moreover, it is an adorable choice for gaming, camping, or enjoying a backyard movie. The interface comes with an AV cable and an HDMI port so you can connect with your Nintendo Switch device, TV, Smartphone, or laptop.


  • Lower noise
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • Focus and keystone correction
  • Long lamp life


  • Comes with fixed zoom without any zoom feature
  • Keystone adjustment is not automatic.

3. YABER V2 WiFi Mini Projector

YABER V2 WiFi Projector

Yaber is one of the popular names in the projector market. The best thing about the machine is that it is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Thus, you can enjoy multiple types of home entertainment stuff like videos, games, images by connecting your cell phone to a projector via wifi. There is no mess of physical wire connectivity and you can keep your room free of cords at the same time.

This is one of the best projectors under 150 features the zoom characteristics also. So you can use the miracast feature with your mobile and shrink the image from 100% size to 75% size.

One of the innovative characteristics that help the projector to stand out in the market is the SCT screen technology. If you observe the screen from the front, you will find a 25% more clear and brighter image.

One of the best features of this projector is its high lumen display properties. It comes with 5500 lumens, 6000:1 contrast, and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Thus, it gives the 60% better and brighter image even in ambient light.

The interface includes the ports to connect the Firestick, TV box, Chromecast, and mobile. Thanks to SmartEco technology minimizes power consumption. Thus, the lamp life of the projector has 10,000,00.

It offers you the best SRS sound system making it one of the best projectors to watch movies. It is equipped with three running fans, so the projector does not become hot even after continuous of several hours.


  • Awesome contrast ratio
  • Wireless monitoring of screen
  • Lamp life of 100000 hours
  • Portable


  • Do not have aux cable
  • Need to connect external speakers for outdoor entertainment.

4. JinhooWiFi Mini – Cheap Projector Under 150 Dollars

Jinhoo Wifi Mini Projector

Jinhoo is another cheap and best portable projector under 150 with bright output. It offers 99% more brightness as compared to projectors available in the same range. It gives a screen resolution of 1280*720 P. Thus, it offers a clear and bright image; with its purchase, you get a 100-inch screen size, so you experience a theatre-like experience at your home.

It is an optimal-performing device that gives 32 to a 176-inch projection by keeping 1.5 to 5 m away from the screen. Other features include a built-in stereo system, Wifi, USB connection, and presence of ports like VA, HDMI, AV, and USB flash. So connect through any device and have an amazing experience of watching movies or playing games. Moreover, the speakers are too good, so you don’t need to connect external ones even in an outdoor environment.

The projector has an amazing contrast ratio to deliver a brighter image. Moreover, it is equipped with a fan system so that system does not get hot even after several hours of usage. Lastly, wifi connectivity allows the cord-free arrangement.


  • Dual cooling fan
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Lamp life is long


  • You have to do keystone correction manually
  • Wireless streaming of media
  • It is not to use for professional presentations like PPT or TEXT type.

5. WiMiUS S25 – Best Budget Wifi Projector

WiMiUS S25 Wifi Projector

Wimius Company is well known for its premium quality yet budget-friendly projectors. This model by Wimius is light in weight, portable, and comes with all features that you expect from the best one. It provides a theatre-like experience by delivering clear images.

The projector with a built-in speaker has a huge display with an aspect ratio of 16:9, keystone correction up to plus-minus 15, and 1280*720 native resolution.

This movie projector offers a decent contrast ratio of 6000:1 and has LED technology to ensure a brighter image even in ambient light.

Moreover, thanks to the noise suppression technology through which you experience no noise and heating of the projector. No matter how long you use the projector, you will feel the system remains cool and functional.

One best feature that makes Wimius an awesome choice for home use is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the device via laptop or smartphone via Bluetooth.

The lamp life is awesome too. It can work efficiently for about 50,000 hours because of the low voltage technology. Thus, it is not cost-effective in price yet a save cost by saving energy also.


  • Noise suppression technology
  • Portable
  • Light in weight
  • Dual cooling fans
  • HDMI and Bluetooth support present


  • USB port not present
  • It is not suitable for business presentation purposes.

6. QKK Mini Projector

QKK Upgraded Mini Projector

The high-resolution projector from the house of QKK is another incredible, budget-friendly, and best projector under 150. Well, it is ideal for the movie enthusiast who is a fan of watching movies in theatres.

The large screen resolution contrast, brightness, cooling fans, speakers, and everything in between make it a perfect piece for your home entertainment. Moreover, you can take it for camping and outdoor trips.

You can get the projection of the ideal, keeping just 3m away from the projector. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and 4:3. Plus, it supports manual keystone and focuses on adjustment.

The five-layer LCD comes with a device that ensures the long life of the lamp. Thus, it has approximately 50,000 hours of life. Moreover, LED light is equipped that does not cause strain on the eyes, making it one of the best LCD projectors out there.

Because of the presence of multiple interface connectivity, you can connect PCs, Mac, blue-ray, or DVD players. Lastly, it comes with a tripod stand, so you can easily adjust and set it to get the best image view making it the best mini projector out there.


  • Stereo speakers present
  • Connectivity with smartphones and video games available
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • Portable screen


  • Semi-transparent screen
  • Keystone correction and focus are manual.

7. Crenova Mini – Best Outdoor Projector Under 150

Crenova Mini Projector

One of the superb models in the budget available in the market is the Crenova Mini video projector. It covers all features you need in the best projector. The machine offers a native resolution of 1920*1080 with 4500 lumens. Moreover, the contrast ratio is 3000:1.

You can enjoy the clear and bright image from 33 to 200 inches big screen size. Moreover, there is a feature of 50% adjustment in projection size by using the remote control.

There are present stereo speakers with SRS sound technology. It means you have an amazing sound listening experience inside your room.


  • Contrast ratio is dynamic
  • Built-in speaker
  • Dual tube cooling system
  • HDMI support present


  • Here is no mirroring feature for Netflix or Hulu-type apps.

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Final verdict

Getting an expensive projector is not the only solution to your needs! The aim is to find a budget projector with premium picture quality and a large projector screen.

Almost all the projectors on our list fulfill the criteria, however, there are some that make it big with the best of all the features.

Starting from WiMiUS S25, you get one of the affordable LED projectors ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as well as for business presentations.

The wide contrast ratio along with lasting lamp life of 50,000 hours sets it apart from other mini projectors.

If crisp image quality is your first priority, Crenova Mini would be your best bet. This quality projector makes an excellent outdoor movie projector thanks to its full HD resolution and amazing sound quality.

The high contrast ratio and brightness makes it one of the best mini projectors, making it the best multimedia projector in the market.


Q1- Can you get a good projector for under 150?

You can easily find a great projector under 150, with HD quality and a big screen. Of course, you cannot expect high-end features like the zoom function or 4K native resolution. However, for what it is worth; you can find excellent LCD projectors under this budget.

Q2- How many lumens should a projector have?

For minimum ambient light, a brightness of 1500 lumen would be enough for home theater projectors. However, if your room gets a lot of light you should get a projector with more than 2500 lumen brightness to combat the external lights.

Q3- Do you have to connect external speakers in projectors?

Depending upon the quality of built-in speakers of your projector; you may or may not need to connect them to external speakers. If you are planning an outdoor movie night to watch movies, you can connect the projector to an external speaker. However, a business projector speaker would be enough for meetings.


Buying the best projector under 150 is a tricky task as you can get many models that meet your budget, but there is a quality issue. If you want to enjoy a high-resolution video or game-playing experience, then you can pick any one of these budget-friendly projectors.

All are four-plus rated and provide optimal performance. Moreover, you will not disappoint with the image quality. Thus, buy any one of these with confidence and have a wonderful entertainment one of these with confidence and have a wonderful entertainment time with family.