Best screen for short throw projector

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The short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors have been gaining popularity recently due to the tight living spaces in cities like New York City. If you want to experience a big, large screen and have a cinema-feeling, but you have limited or small space, a short-throw projector is your solution to this. And for this, you will need the best screen for short-throw projectors.

Let us be honest, not most of us like a big projector to be attached permanently to our ceilings. That takes too much work to install and some of us might even not have enough space for it. This is where a short-throw (ST) or an Ultra-short-throw projector (UST) comes in handy. These projectors are made just for small spaces which want to have a large screen experience.

But you just cannot simply use any screen with a short-throw projector. Technically, you can view the image on any piece of cloth if you put in front of it, but that will take away the basic use of it. If you want to experience the full potential of the short-throw projector which you just bought, you need to have the best screen for your short-throw projector.

Why should you buy a short-throw projector for small spaces?

The short-throw projectors or ultra-short-throw projectors are built specifically for small and tight spaces. It has a proprietary wide-angle lens which allows you to keep and place it extremely near to the short throw projector screen. Whereas with a normal projector which does not have a wide-angle lens, the image will be distorted and the screen might not be able to capture the whole image by the projector if you place it in very close proximity to the screen.

Having a short-throw projector will eliminate this problem and you can place it as near a few feet/inches away from the screen. Placing the projector close to the screen also cuts out the shadowing of any object on the screen due to the long distance. It also usually does not require mounting to the ceiling, so if you are living in a small rental apartment, it will be best for you. These are some of the reasons why you should always opt for a short-throw projector if you are living in a small space.

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Buying guide for the best screen for short throw projectors

Since we have discussed the need for a short-throw projector for small space, it is equally important to have a separate screen for the short-throw projector which you just bought. If you have an old projector screen which you used for your old projector, my advice will be to not use that screen with a short-throw projector, as the chances are it will not show the highest resolution. If you want to get the best out of your short-throw projector, you will need a screen for short-throw projectors.

But with so many options available, it becomes quite difficult to short-list the best screens for short-throw projectors. Or if you just do not know what to look for in such screen, this guide is for you. Here are a few points to keep in mind while looking for the best screen for a short-throw or an ultra-short-throw projector:

Surface of the screen

Probably the most common confusion when it comes to short-throw projector screens is the material of choice. Many people get it so mixed up. When the projector is projecting images at a small distance, it becomes difficult to have a full resolution picture unless the surface’ material is compatible with displaying the type of image. For a screen for short-throw projectors, the surface should be matte (not glossy) and smooth with no ridges or rough areas.

Things to avoid while choosing screen material

The materials which you are going to avoid at any cost is drywall along with non-tensioned material surfaces. Since these are very rough surfaces, they are not suitable for ultra-short-throw or even short-throw projectors. Even a slightest edge or disturbance in the texture of the surface can induce a shadow on the screen of short throw projectors. The AKR (Regular ambient lighting rejecting) should also be avoided at all costs.

Which screen material to choose

You should look for screens which have extremely smooth surfaces with no ridges or edges on its tecture. Short throw projectors usually suit well with a FlexiGrey/FlexiWhite material of the screens. The color of the screen should be deep white or light grey.

Best screen for short throw projector: Our Top picks

Now that you have enough basic knowledge of what to look for while buying the best screen for short distance projectors, it is time to make your choice. With so many options available online, we have made it easier for you and compiled a few projector screens for short distance which we think are best for you:

Editor’s choice

The editor’s recommendation for you for the best screen for short throw projectors is the STR-169120 Silver Ticket Projector Screen. With a 120’ diagonal surface with 16:9 ratio, this is the best screen you can buy for a short distance projector.


1. STR-169120 Silver Ticket Projector Screen

STR-169120 Projector Screen

Key Features:

  • The shade of the material is light grey with 1.0 grain, just like we recommended. You may notice a white shade of reflection which can be eliminated when compared with a white sheet of paper.
  • It comes with a tensioning rod system which ensures the cinema-level quality when used with a short throw projector.
  • There is no resolution lost at any angle due to the smoothest surface. So if the resolution of your mini projector is already low, this screen will ensure to get the best out of it.
  • 5 star ratings.
  • Most reviewed screen.
  • Very easy assembly.
  • There are no noticeable cons.

Other suggestions

Here are some other products which people buy other than STR-169120

2. P-Jing projector screen

P-Jing projector screen

Key Features:

  • The best surface material quality which will never get wrinkles.
  • 150 inch of size, HD quality and a 16:9 screen ratio.
  • Excellent for short-distance projectors.

3. JWSIT Projector screen

JWSIT Projector screen

Key Features:

  • 160 degrees wide viewing angle screen with a 135 inches size.
  • Extremely lightweight, foldable and portable to be placed anywhere with your short-throw projector.
  • Extremely simple to setup and super easy to clean.


In short, the best screen for short throw projector is super important. We hope that this detailed guide has helped you in making the right choice. Make sure to visit our homepage and check out similar interesting articles related to projectors.