How to clean a projector inside lens?

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Are you using a projector but finding the images blurry? Do you think it is because of the dust embedded in the lens? Yes, you are right!. When the projector shows the murky cloud with reduced sharpness and brightness, it means its lens needs cleaning. Therefore, it is essential to clean it immediately to get the best results afterwards.

If you want to maintain the projector lens’s performance, then it’s essential to clean it periodically. Now the question is how to clean a projector inside lens? And what steps should you follow to clean the lens? Here we have listed a complete procedure to clean the lens. Check the steps below.

Things to Keep With You for Cleaning

To finish your cleaning process without any hurdles, you should first complete your cleaning kit. It includes:

  • Lens cleaning papers
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Tissue papers
  • Lens cleaning solution
  • Compressed air

A quick tip: don’t use a chemical that causes abrasion. Only use a lens cleanser made for cleaning the lens. It is because the harsh chemical may damage the lens coating.

Step by step guide on how to clean a projector inside lens

1. Cleaning Preparation And Opening Of The Projector

First, turn off the projector and remove the cord, especially if you are using it before cleaning. Let it cool. Wait for at least thirty minutes. When in use, the lens is very hot and it may be prone to damage if you apply chemicals over it. Therefore, wait and then open the projector to remove the lens. Press the button or latch gently to the open projector. You can skip this step if you only want to clean the lens from the outside. Otherwise, for deep cleaning, open the machine.

2. Cleaning Projector From Inside

Use a blower and short burst air to clean the inside of the projector. It will remove all the dust. You can use a nozzle to reach a deep point and a lens to clean it thoroughly. Now take a microfiber cloth to wipe out all dust. You can slightly damp it to clean the projector body properly. Use a flashlight to see if any dirt or dust embeds in the corner of the projector or lens.

3. Cleaning Of Lens

Lastly, remove the lens cap and clean it with a dry cloth. After that, take a drop of lens cleaning solution and take a microfiber cloth to spread the solution. Try to move it in a circular motion. Now let it dry. You will see the clear and crisp glass of the lens. Cover it back, close the projector and switch on to find the results after cleaning.

Point To Ponder

Keep in mind the following factors:

  • Do not use a t-shirt or old cloth for cleaning the lens as it will make streaks that will damage the lens
  • Always clean the lens by moving the cloth in a circular motion
  • Do not apply pressure on the lens as it may get damaged.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the projector inside the lens is not hard. You only need to be focused on. Use a light hand to thoroughly clean the lens and get the best results of projection.