Best Cheap Projector Under 50

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What could be a more flexible way to spend quality time with your family by watching a movie on a projector. By helping you turn your average TV room into the perfect home theater and offering you wonderful cinematic vibes, these best cheap projectors under 50 are just worth it. As the world evolves, manufacturers are producing efficient projectors that one can get on a budget.

Although you won’t get all the high speeds within the best cheap projector under 50, it will still provide you with a good quality display and easy-to-use interference features, no matter what purpose you choose.

Therefore, below is a list of viable options of best cheapest projector that come with all the latest specifications and technologies that meet your needs and requirements.

Before you buy a projector make sure you check this detailed and ultra helpful guide to help you decide which is the best projector for you according to your personal needs: How to Choose the Right Projector for Different Room Sizes & Uses

Top 7 Best Cheap Projectors Under $50

Performing day to day activities in daily routine can make you tired. Fresh air is needed for a human mind to work efficiently. At this point, you should go on a road side trips to make yourself active again. Camping can be a good option for you. Get a cinematic experience at camping by getting a best cheap portable projector under 50. Although, these projectors are best for home-based activities.




Lumenous Flux




Elephans Portable Mini Projector

Editor's Choice

898 g




Tontion Upgrade video projector

1043 g




Mini M-360 Projector

512 g


HD quality


Smartphone Projector 2.0

512 g




Product works FX 800 projector

1174 g


HD quality


Meer portable Pico full color Projector

290 g




Deeplee Projector

453 g



1. Elephas Portable Mini Projector – With Best Picture Quality

ELEPHAS Portable Projector

If you are looking for the best cheap projector under 50, which is bright, durable, and will be a basic tool to help you turn your average LED experience into an aesthetic home theater, then this may be the best projector under $50. This projector does not compromise on picture quality by providing users with 80 percent more brightness than other projectors.

Offering users, a contrast ratio of 3000: 1, this projector is powerful enough to provide users with a stunning display, even when there is no light, making this projector essential for outdoor use. Offering users 1080 pixels and 800 x 480 native resolution, these projectors allow users to watch their favorite series with super accurate and live video quality.

This cheap projector under 50 comes with a sturdy build, ensuring that the projector stays cool while in use for extended hours. Built of innovative materials, this projector ensures that it works silently, not to make the user disappointed with his voice.

  • Great Quality picture No long distance is required for good focus Works quietly
  • Lack of optical zoom; No lens change.

2. Tontion upgrade Projector – High Quality Sound Output

Tontion Upgrade Video Projector

A great option for a 50$ cheap projector and is lighter than usual projectors. The black esthetic look makes it a premium one in this price range. It box comes with Tontion Projector Remote control, power cable, AV cable.

It has the Ability to display deep image quality on screen sizes up to 200 inches while not compromising output quality. This projector can provide what’s worth it. With this projector, you don’t need to connect a set of additional speakers to witness quality sound, as it comes with a built-in speaker that consumes only 3 watts of energy and provides you with a stunning sound experience.

This model is equipped with cooling. This projector does not heat up even after prolonged use. This projector does not make any noise during operation, so you do not have to worry about additional noise that destroys your film.

  • It comes with automatic correction Produces lower noise during operation. Dual high-class magnetic speakers to get quality output.
  • Brightness needs adjustment

3. Mini Portable M-360 Lumen Projector – Best Portable Projector

Mini Portable Projector

While looking for the best projector under 50, you can’t pass the Lumen M-360 Best Portable projector, which comes with all the necessary specifications you’re looking for.

What is considered to be its best feature is that this projector offers Good quality spotless screen experience. This means that you can connect your device to this best cheapest projector under 50, and you will display your video from your device on the big screen with ease. You do not need to be around this projector at all times with the remote control.

Its tripod becomes pretty handy. Its remote can control the scaling of the image. Besides, this projector is equipped with a 4000L screen, and it is best to ensure you see the image created with extreme clarity. In short BRILENS brand bring a very competitive product to market.

  • Provides users with a stunning contrast ratio. Light Weight Provide users with long hours of lamp life. Being compact, this projector is extremely portable.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity. Doesn’t come with a battery.

4. Smartphone Projector 2.0 – Small Pocket Projector

Smartphone Projector 2.0

Have not you get best projector under 50? Here we are discussing another great potable projector of affordable price. Smartphone projector is a small pocket projector that can be carried anywhere.

Smartphone projector 2.0 has a classy cute look. This projector is very small and it was released because first version really did its job well. Extreme small size made it customer’s first choice who just want to watch movies via smart phones. The downfall of this projector is that you are not able to see anything in the room unless it is completely dark.

Picture quality is quite good you are able to watch HD videos with your friends on it. Perfect projector to see pictures of your friends or family on it. as it can be connected directly to your smartphones.

You can’t expect much from this projector under 50$.

  • Light Weight Being compact, this projector is extremely portable. Budget friendly.
  • Room should be completely dark with 100% brightness.

5. Productworks Fx 800 Projector – Top Notch

ProductWorks HomeFX 800 Series Projector

To date, the vast majority of content is recorded in Full HD. Apparently, for this reason, major brands offer to buy a cinema projector, not in maximum resolution. At the same time, ProductWorks emphasized the quality of this amazing projector.

One of the best budget options. It was often bought for use in an apartment and the classroom—Compact, weighing 1174 g. The lamp box is designed for 4,000 hours of operation. The diagonal of the image varies from 0.6 to 7.5 meters, the distance to the screen is from 1 to 11 meters. It is these characteristics that give the model versatility.

The DLP technology used gives high contrast and good color rendering. Correction of food mount is quite easy. It is connected to the signal source via the VGA interface.

  • simple interface; good picture quality due to the HD resolution convenience for carrying & installing
  • There are no media devices.

6. Meer Portable Pico Projector – Good Cheap Projector

Meer Portable Pico Projector

The power of this cheap pocket projector is 24 watts. The disadvantage is that only one lamp is included, but it has a long service life based on customer feedback.

In the economy mode of this good cheap projector has enough for many hours. Also, the model supports 480 x 272 resolution. The wide-ranging picture and low price make this device one of the most relevant in the current market. Moreover, no one has reason to doubt the reliability of the brand.

  • Excellent contrast Ability to watch movies from flash drives Transmission of natural color You can watch movies in a bright room Defect-free quality is the main strength of this projector.
  • The number of formats accepted is limited

7. Deeplee Portable Projector For Kids

DeepLee Portable Projector

One of the most successful LED projector models in the average price segment from DeepLee. This model belongs to the category of professional projectors based on the Company. Judging by customer comments, it has one of the brightest lamps in this price range – 6000 lumens.

It is perfect for kids as it’s very portable and handy—good picture quality with full HD 1080 pixels’ resolution. The screen can reach almost nine meters diagonally, and the picture does not crumble.

The LED matrix is the source of light. Due to its small focal length, you can use it in small rooms. There are built-in speakers for easy use. The best resolution is FullHD. This is one of the best-selling projectors on the Amazon website.

  • Silent The lens is located at the front There is the technology for smoothing dynamic photos Despite the presence of built-in speakers, you can attach speakers to the side.
  • The number of formats accepted is limited

Winner In Our List

Our top pick for the best cheap projector under 50 #5 in our list ProductWorks FX 800 Projector.


Because this projector offers great features at the minimum price possible, the Picture output is amazing with no blur or lagging issues.

This Small portable projector provides:

  • High-Quality build
  • Sleek design with Black color
  • Diagonal Design
  • Built-in speakers

Buyers Guide of Best Cheap Projector under 50

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to start analyzing the market, knowing where and how you will use the equipment. If you do not know how to choose a best cheap projector under 50, keep in mind that many parameters depend on the destination: from price to technical specifications.


Picture always refer to the pixels. Together these pixels determine the resolution of picture. The more pixels per inch the clear image we get.

This parameter is responsible for the clarity of the picture. In this case, the larger the diagonal of the pierced image, the more noticeable the pixels become. Business models to this day are issued with resolution 1280×800, but this is not enough for convenient viewing of video at home. The “golden environment” is considered WUXGA (1920×1200).


Technology plays an important role in our world. When we talk about the projectors the first thing that clicks in our mind is which type of technology is used in it? as the technology determines the quality of projector. Before buying any of them first examine the type technology they used in it.

To this day, LCD projectors are in the greatest demand. Especially appreciated are models based on technology invented by Epson – 3LCD. Such devices are equipped with three PSI LCD matrices at once, each of which is responsible for displaying a certain color.


Using smartphones in our day to day activities we are aware about the brightness and the level of brightness. In projectors it is usually measured in lumens according to the ANSI standard and called lumen flux. While buying a projector, you should look at this aspect carefully.

Another thing that should be consider here keep your brightness level low. As we high brightness can drain your battery percentage quickly. When working in a dark room, 800 lumens is enough. But in bright rooms (at school, in the business center) you need 2 thousand.


indicators can vary in the range of 1000: 1 to 100,000: 1, and manufacturers often report incorrect data. Therefore, it is important to focus on technology.

Projection Size

Lenses in the projectors are helpful to reduce or increase the projection size of the projector. Modern models have a lens that allows you to change the size. Dimensions are usually indicated in the description.

Built-in Speakers

Audio quality of any projector should be checked carefully. Who wants to spend money to get an external device such as speaker for projector? We usually try to limit ourselves in budget.

Before spending the money on any cheap projector under 50 check its sound out carefully. The projectors listed in our list provide best sound quality. you don’t need to spend extra money to get an external speaker.

Battery Timing

Finally, after testing the above qualities of the projector, you need to examine the battery timing of the projector now. Battery timing of the projector determines how long a projector can be run without external electricity supply.

Keep this in mind that not every projector has a rechargeable built-in battery. Whenever you buy a projector at lower price or even at high price battery timing should be tested carefully. For projectors 5000 mAh battery is recommended.

Warrany & Repair Services

Connecting with the online world we are able to get extra discounts on several services things. Damaged products and parts are repaired within a small period at no cost. If you are buying projector through internet via mobile devices, then you are able to get some extra discount, warranty and other services.

Over headed projectors in our list have warranty claims and other repair services. In case of any damage you just have to claim about your problem. But remember, repair claims are varying from company to company with certain rules and regulations. Just read them before buying any projector.


Portability of projectors are important. Sometimes we need to carry them for external outdoor activities. We have listed cheap mini projectors under $50 in the above section. At this point, the size and weight of the projector are considered. A small and light weight projectors are easy to carry as compared to large and bulky ones.


Still worry and confused between the projectors? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Does the portability of the projectors matter?

As we already discussed earlier that projectors with light weight and small size are easy to carry as compared to the bulky ones for outdoor and indoor activities. Now it depends upon you, why do you need it and for what purpose you are purchasing it.

Should I buy a projector with high lumen? As I am concerned about the brightness level.

Lumen flux determines the brightness level of the projector. Projectors with 3000 lumens are best to work anywhere. With high resolution and better picture color you are able to watch movies even in a dark room.

Which projector is best for indoor and outdoor activities?

Projectors are divided into two categories. One is commercial which is used for office activities and the other one is home-based, designed according to the needs of the customers. A home-based user should go for home-based projector.

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No doubt there are so many options for small cheap projector but we have gone through the market and choose the Top 7 above. The best by far is #5 in our list which you need to scroll above and read full specs . Hope this review will help you choosing best cheap projector under 50.