How To Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling?

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Nothing beats family movie nights on sleepovers. Moreover, if you are a professional, you would know the importance of PowerPoint presentations. Both these experiences are elevated through a good projector and its screen.

If you manage to get yourself one of those techy projectors, the next step would be to hang the projector screen from the ceiling. You mess the alignment or measurement, the whole setup becomes of no use.

After all, who would enjoy the movie or take your presentation seriously if your projector screen is tilted, or cannot accommodate the whole picture? Hence, it is crucial that you learn how to hang a projector screen from the ceiling. The process is fairly simple, it only requires you to take measurements properly.

Step By Step Guide To Hanging Projector Screens From The Ceiling

Step 1: Location

Your location matters the most when you are installing a projector screen. Make sure you have a flat wall, with minimum light exposure. Even though there are projectors that work in the light, you still get a premium viewing experience in the dark.

Next, measure your projector screen through measuring tape. This is done by measuring the distance between the hooks, or screws at the ends of the screen. Mark the exact measurements on the ceiling through a marker.

You should also measure the distance between your ceiling and the ground. Ideally, your projector screen should reach the ground, or at least to a considerable height.

Step 2: Drilling the holes

When installing your screen, it is best to do so on studs or joists. These are robust frames on the ceilings that can support the weight of the projector screen. You can use a stud locator, or a magnet and run them across the ceiling to find them.

Place the brackets in your ceiling joists, and drill holes in them. This ensures that your screws will fit right in and secure the bracket. While drilling, your machine should be straight so that the screws fit in.

Step 3: Installation

Attach the brackets in the holes drilled before. Use a screwdriver to tightly fasten the brackets with the screws. Open your projector screen, and attach the two ends of the screen to the brackets.

Move back and observe the placement of the screen. If your ceiling is very high, such that even the picture does not display properly, you will have to find an alternative. This includes installing bracket extensions, etc.


Having a ceiling projector is amazing, only if you know how to hang projector screen from ceiling. However, there is nothing to worry about since the process is very simple. You only need a measuring tape, drill machine, and a screwdriver.

Ceiling projectors are a great investment because they are space-friendly and compact. It becomes easier if your projector screen has a motor to roll it up or down. This way you can operate your screen with the touch of a button.