Best Outdoor Projector Under 300

Do you have a limited budget but want the best for yourself? When you go out to research, you will find a variety of projectors, ranging from a hundred to thousands of dollars. Then which one should you get?

The best choice would be to search for a projector with all the essential features and then choose one according to your budget. After all, there is no use in spending your limited money on a projector that does not provide quality results or has to be replaced after sometime.

We have curated this list of best outdoor projectors under 300 by keeping every crucial objective in mind. Before that, read this buying guide to know the essentials aspects you should know and consider before getting your ideal projector.

Buying guide for best outdoor projectors under 300


With so many options in the market, you have to select the one with the maximum features. Your projector should not only display pictures, but it should also have these additional attributes like a sound system, efficient cooling system, and zoom option.

Lens shift and display technologies affect the quality of your display. You can easily get an LCD display with built-in sound systems under a budget.


If you are here, it means that you have exactly 300 dollars to spend. What’s more, is that you have to find a quality gadget that is affordable without compromising on the features. We have specially put together this list for you, which has all the best options out there.

The best outdoor projector under 300, should be cheap and include all the vital specs. You can negotiate on the size and brand, but not on the quality.


The foremost attribute an outdoor projector must possess is its portability. Portability comes with lightweight and wireless connectivity options. Using a projector outdoor, on camping trips and picnics, you cannot deal with dangling wires and their socket issues. Hence a projector with Blue Tooth or Wi-fi connectivity is crucial.

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Moreover, your projector should be compatible with other smart devices. This way you can connect it to your phones etc, and use them anywhere.

Image Quality

The primary focus of a projector is to display your pictures bigger and better. Therefore, image quality should be a critical concern. Image quality primarily depends on the resolution. Higher your resolution finer your images.

However, a 4K resolution might fall out of your budget. We have some great 1080p options that provide just as good images as a 4K projector.

Best outdoor projector under $300 – Our Top Picks



Our Rating



ViewSonic SVGA Projector


WiMiUS New P20 Outdoor Projector

Editor’s choice


QKK Mini 1080P Projector


YABER Y60 Projector


BenQ MS535A SVGA Projector


InFocus IN11 6xv Projector


GBTIGER LED Video Projector


DracoLight Video Projector


VIVIBRIGHT F40 Native 1080P Projector


WOWOTO A8 Pro Projector

Editor’s choice

With exceptional features that you cannot find under 300, WiMiUS New P20 Projector is an excellent choice for you. The 7200-lumen brightness, 10000:1 contrast ratio, and 10W stereo speakers cannot be neglected. With this projector, you get way more than you invest. It provides a crystal clear view, that fulfills your work as well as entertainment needs.

1. ViewSonic SVGA Outdoor Projector

ViewSonic SVGA Outdoor Projector

If you are looking for the best cheap outdoor projector, equipped with expensive features, look no further than ViewSonic SVGA Projector. This advanced projector is an ideal device, packed with many productive details. It has a 3800-lumen brightness, with 1080p resolution, giving exotic picture quality.

The ultra-long lamp life of 15000 hours means that it goes a long time before needing maintenance. It is easy to set up, with a plug and you are good to go. You can connect it to your monitor, PC’s, mobile phones, or any other device through the connectivity options provided. From HDMI to VGA you get multiple choices.

ViewSonic SVGA Projector comes with a six-colour wheel, giving high-quality results. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, but it works well in dim rooms. All these features combined with an affordable price point make it rank the list.

  • Amazing brightness
  • Good input options
  • Average sound quality

2. WiMiUS New P20 Projector under 300

WiMiUS New P20 Projector

WiMiUS New P20 Projector provides unbelievable specs under 300. It would be hard to find all these features under 1000 dollars, let alone 300. The 10000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p resolution, and 7200 lumens combine together to give exceptional color grading. You get a sharp, crisp image, with bright, vivid colors.

The additional keystone correction and zoom display provide convenience and ease. You can easily zoom in and out without moving the projector. Unlike usual budget projectors providing 2W speakers, this one has unbeatable stereo speakers of 10W. You can enjoy high bass giving you an actual theatrical experience.

It is important that your projector remains cool, but without any unwanted fan noise. WiMiUS has an efficient heat dissipation system, reducing fan noise by 50%. It has USB / HDMI / AV / VGA inputs that help in connectivity. You can also use the wifi dongle to connect it with your smartphones.

  • Crisp and clear images
  • 10W speakers
  • Does not have a lens shift feature

3. QKK Mini Outdoor Projector under 300

QKK Mini Projector

Another great projector among the best outdoor projector under 300 is the QKK Mini Projector. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, giving the best results in both. It comes with a five-layer LCD display increasing the lamp life to a massive 50,000 hours. It also reduces eye strain, to provide you with a comfortable viewing experience all day long.

The connectivity options are endless. You can play your videos, pictures, and other graphics through your PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. The AV/USB/SD/HDMI/VGA/Headphone plug facilitates the connection through all the devices.

The 6500-lumen brightness and 2000:1 contrast ratio offer the best picture quality. You can not find anything better at this price. Your family movie nights and outdoor camping trips get more memorable through the big and sharp images.

  • Multiple connectivity opinions
  • Amazing brightness
  • Average build quality

4. YABER Y60 Portable Projector

YABER Y60 Portable Projector

Next on our list of the best outdoor projector under 300 is the YABER Y60 Portable Projector. The range of extensive features includes a 1080p resolution, high contrast ratio, and a brightness of 6000 lumens. Not only this but YABER Y60 projects a massive display screen of 200 inches, bigger than any other portable projector. The build quality is robust with a full metal body.

The exclusive portrait LCD display panel tech enhances the color depth, giving you a sharper and more vibrant display. The built-in 3 W speakers are enough to keep you sorted, although you will need external speakers for a boosted sound system. Use the recommended Eco Mode to elongate the lamp life to 100,000 hours. It can practically last you a lifetime before needing replacement or maintenance.

Furthermore, the flexible connectivity provides you convenience with multiple ports. You can stream your media and presentations using the HDMI, USB, VGA, or AV port. The compact size and high brightness make it the perfect outdoor projector. You can use it for your backyard parties or camping trips.

  • 6000-lumen high brightness
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Lightweight
  • No wifi compatibility

5. BenQ MS535A SVGA Projector

BenQ MS535A Projector

BenQ MS535A SVGA Projector is another amazing option when it comes to an outdoor projector on a budget. The 3600 Ansi brightness and contrast ratio of 15000:1 results in stunning picture quality. You can use it outdoors or in well-lit rooms and it would still provide crisp graphics. Equipped with dual HDMI ports, you can connect your devices to the projector easily.

The infographics mode further enhances the text and picture details, making everything more prominent and sharp. Without any complex mechanisms, BenQ MS535A SVGA Projector gives you a proportional and well-aligned display. The keystone correction comes to use in this regard.

You can experience crystal clear graphics for a minimum of 15,000 hours through the Eco Mode. The mode claims to save 70% of the power, in turn giving you a long maintenance-free use. The cooling system is quiet and effective so much that you will not even feel its presence. Overall, this is one of the best outdoor projectors under 300 with all that it offers.

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  • Extremely quiet
  • Supports 3D display
  • Clear and bright image
  • Black level is average

6. InFocus IN11 6xv Projector

InFocus IN116xv Projector

InFocus IN11 6xv Projector is one of the most economical outdoor projectors under 300 available in the market. This comes in a black color which gives it an elegant look. The Dimensions of InFocus IN11 6xv is 8.8 x 12.4 x 4 inches. It weighs about 5.5 pounds. It has all the controls available on the projector which makes it highly user friendly.

It has a long lamp life of 15,000 hours which allows its user to enjoy the viewing experience which makes it in our list of best projectors under 300. It provides a detailed vision of images because of its excellent contrast ratio of 26000:1. It provides the best image quality as compared to other projectors under 300. It comes with 3800 lumens power. It is a very easy setup and requires no additional things to increase the image quality. This 3D compatible projector works faultlessly. It comes with a 2-year warranty which makes it highly satisfactory for its users.

  • Viewing size of 28″-300″
  • 3800 lumens density
  • Easy to set up
  • Lamp life of 15,000 hours
  • Keystone adjustment feature not available
  • Some issues with internal speaker

7. GBTIGER LED Video Projector

GBTIGER LED Video Projector

This projector is one of the best outdoor projectors available under 300 in the market. It has dimensions of 12.23 x 9.42 x 4.63 inches. It weighs about 5.5 pounds. It has a robotic look which gives it a very attractive look. It offers many features and is compatible with most devices including TV, gaming consoles and others.

It is a highly user-friendly device. It has a stand that is very easy to adjust and is up to three levels of adjustments. It has a long lamp life of 30,000. It also has a Keystone correction function. It also has 4000 lumens power. The optimal projection distance is 8.2 ft of this projector. This projector allows you to enjoy your music with your heart because it comes with a built-in speaker. Using a 3.5 mm audio jack it can be used as a music player. GBTIGER 4000 has a special cooling system that keeps the fan from excessive heat and thus keeps your device temperature low.

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  • Bright quality
  • Keystone correction function
  • Long lamp life
  • 4000-lumen power
  • The front leg is not long enough
  • No manual available

8. DracoLight 4500 Lux Video Projector

DracoLight Video Projector

Another projector in our list of best projectors under 300 is DracoLight 4500 Lux Video Projector. This device fits all your requirements. It comes with dimensions of 12.6 x 10.24 x 4.72 inches. It weighs about 5.73 pounds.

Another feature that makes it one of the best outdoor projectors is that it is highly user-friendly since it has multiple connectivity options. You can use VGA, HDMI, AV, USB, and 3.5 mm jack as multiple options. DracoLight 4500 comes with two built-in speakers which fulfill all of your needs thus eliminating the use of additional speakers.

It has one of the most satisfying lens durability. It has a lamp life of 50,000 hours. Another feature that makes it easy to use is its cooling fan. Unlike others, it doesn’t generate much noise so you don’t have to use an additional tool to lessen the noise. Its manufacturing provides excellent customer service so that customers can report if they face any problem.

  • Easy to carry because of its weight
  • High brightness
  • Range of connectivity options
  • Much lower noise
  • Less sharp LCD Lamp
  • Tight lens adjustment

9. VIVIBRIGHT F40 Native 1080P Full HD Projector

VIVIBRIGHT f40 Native Projector

If you are looking for the best outdoor projectors under 300 you need to give a read to it. It comes with dimensions of 11.6 × 9.6 × 3.5 inches. It weighs about 5.9 pounds. It provides great flexibility and usability. It is a highly compatible device.

Vivibright f40 native 1080p comes with a full HD display. It provides an image that is good in quality and has sharpness. It allows the user to view all the precise details of the image. It is one of the most user-friendly projectors as it takes only a few minutes for setting up. It has multiple interfaces which allow you to enjoy the shows of almost 2000 apps.

This projector offers high brightness which is highly impressive. It has a brightness of 4,200 Lumens. It has a built-in speaker which lets you enjoy the music and feel the images/videos you are watching.

  • Built-in speaker
  • High range of connectivity options

  • Full HD Display
  • 4200 lumens display
  • No keystone adjustment feature

10. WOWOTO A8 Pro – Best Wireless Projector under 300

WOWOTO A8 Pro Mini Projector

WOWOTO A8 Pro is one of the latest projectors available in the market with updated Android 6.0. This device comes with dimensions of 11.7 x 9.8 x 3.5 inches. It weighs about 4.29 pounds. It comes with a wireless mirror function, which allows it to connect to multiple devices.

It provides a Full HD display, which allows you to watch the sharpness and precise details of the image. It comes with a dustproof optical engine. It solves all worries of the trapezoidal image by providing an automatic keystone correction feature. This makes it one of the best outdoor projectors under 300. It has an extended lamp life.

It is very easy to carry since it comes with a portable bag and a tripod stand. It has a maximum screen of up to 150 inches. It is highly recommended if you are looking for something versatile and flexible.

  • Large lamp life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Elegant display
  • Not bright enough in dark rooms.
  • Mirror image only while using an app
  • The battery holding less than 1 hour


There is nothing better than finding a versatile device on a budget. All the best outdoor projectors under 300 on our list have been hand-picked by keeping your productivity and budget in mind. Choose the one with the most compatible features for you.