How to make a projector screen with a sheet?

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Mostly persons are fond of watching movies, dramas, sports, and other entertaining programs of their choice on TV, computer, or mobiles. But when there is a rush of people in the house i.e guests are sitting and they also want to enjoy themselves with their host, then it becomes difficult to adjust them in a room. So now, you need to checkout our guide on how to make a projector screen with a sheet for your convenience at your home and let everyone do fun with their favorite serials and programs.

You can easily make a projector screen by using a simple white sheet and hang it anywhere you want to enjoy it. It is also the best way to place a sheet by making a frame through which it would stand or hang on the bare wall. If you want to visit somewhere along with your sheets for your amusement, it can be rolled or folded for transporting purposes.

Use of bed sheet as a projector screen

Not only the projector screen can be bought from a market, but you can also make it at your home with ease. Just you have the bedsheets of white colors and adjust them on a wall with nails or hooks. If you are a regular watching of movies, it will be the easiest way of enjoyment. Other than bedsheets, any smooth white piece of cloth can also be perfect for hanging as a projector screen. It is the trickiest part of using such sheets but must take care that there should not be any fold or wrinkles in this sheet.

Requirements for projector screen

In this pandemic situation, you are not allowed to go out in the crowd rather you are asked to stay at home. But, the home projector screen has become very helpful to you to pass your stubborn time. So,if you want to make a sheet or screen at your home, you must have those things that are used for them.

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First of all, for making such amazing projector screen, you should cast a glance at your budget. If it fulfills your requirements for this project, then try to buy all the required things. Following products should be bought for home theaters:

  • White sheet like a bedsheet.
  • Bare wall.
  • Hooks or screws.
  • Paint for projector sheet.
  • Shades.

Although such cinemas do not waste your time and money to go to the authentic theaters or stadiums for watching your desired programs or sports with an expensive ticket. Yet you must also take care of your budget for making such screens at home.

Steps to make DIY projector screen with a sheet

Now follow these few steps to make a projector screen. You will definitely love to craft by following these super easy steps:

Step 1:

The first step to follow is to determine the size of the sheet you want to display. The average or the best size of the sheet you can have is 5 x 6 feet. You can cut in small or large size depending on your wall size as well as the type of projector you are using.

Step 2:

After you take the sheet now cut it to the required size and sews it. Before you cut try to leave a couple of inches on each side so you can fold these sides. thus, you will get the final required size.

Step 3:

After sewing add the eyelets on each top side of the sheet.

Step 4:

Now take a PVC pipe of the required size. It will help in making a projector sheet free of wrinkles. Moreover, it keeps the sheet flat. The PVC pipe will help in hanging the sheets on the wall. To install PVC in the sheet, fold the bottom on the PVC, now crease the sheet, take out the pipe and sew the side. Slide the pipe in and close the edges.

Step 5:

Hang the hooks in the ceiling with help of a hammer. Now hang the projector sheet on the wall and enjoy watching videos or use it for practicing golf. The DIY and portable handmade projector screen is very easy to craft. Moreover, you can place it in any room and role it when not in use.

Things to remember

  • Iron the bed sheet before hanging on wall otherwise wrinkles will create bad impression.
  • Don’t use too small or large bed sheet that is difficult to hang on the surface.
  • Use only white colored sheet.

Projectors or TV?

So, here is the question arises, what would be better to watch the programs, projector or TV? Well, it has been seen that both things are suitable according to the demands of the rooms. If you have the biggest house with larger rooms, you must have a projector because these screens are quite far from your sight. But if your rooms are smaller and you sit closer to the screen, then you should have television instead of projector screen with sheet. Plus, they both are entertaining things and everybody has his taste of keeping the screen in houses whether it is small or large.

Final thoughts

Get ready to craft your own sheet with useless bed sheet and entertain your family with the DIY screen for projector. It is super easy method. You can run your favorite movies, practice your golf or play games. It means you can build a small theatre at your home. If you have no white bedsheet you can take a white plastic sheet also.