How to connect a speaker to a projector?

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If you are looking for a method of how to connect the speaker to a projector then you are at the right place. We will provide you with all the possible methods through which you can connect our projector to the speaker.

There are many simple and complex methods in the market. We after reviewing each method in detail will provide you with the best ways possible. Establishing a connection typically involves the input and outputs of the projector by using built-in speakers. This connection can be established both directly or indirectly.

Common ways of connecting speaker to a projector

Following are the best possible ways of connecting the speaker to the projector. We will go through each method one by one in detail.

  • Stand-alone Stereo Speakers: It involves using pair of stereo speakers for the sound system.
  • Soundbar: It is also a comparatively better option for connecting speakers to the projector.
  • Bluetooth speakers: If your projector has a Bluetooth connectivity option then it is the easiest and reliable method of connecting to a speaker.
  • A/V receiver: This is a slightly different and complicated method than the above-mentioned methods. We will discuss this method in detail, later in the article.

Different types of connections

You can use a much different connection to connect your projector to a speaker.

  • RCA connectors: Each speaker only needs one cable if your projector has RCA connectors.
  • Stereo Audio Jack: This is exactly similar to the audio available on most of our mobiles. It used to provide sound via headphones. You only need a 3.5mm TRRS cable.
  • TOSLINK output: This feature is basically to provide high-quality sound than the other two above mentioned methods.
  • Bluetooth: This is one of the easiest connections from the list. But the pitch of the sound is comparatively low than the other connections.

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Connecting a Projector to Stereo Speakers

The first method is connecting your projector to Stereo Speakers. For this purpose, you need to buy some powered stereo speakers specifically designed for this purpose.

Follow the below mentioned simple steps to connect to stereo speakers.

  • Place your speakers at your desired place and turn on the power of the speakers
  • Now, take an audio cable and connect it with one of the audio outputs on the projector.
  • Connect the other ends of the audio cable with the speaker.
  • Finally, adjust the volume on the projector. However, make sure that the speakers are turned on if you are not able to hear the sound.
  • Now you can enjoy the music system since both the devices are connected.

Connecting a Projector to a Soundbar

Another important method is by connecting your projector to a Soundbar. This method is a lot similar to the one mentioned above about the stereo speakers. In addition to all similarities between the stereo speakers and soundbar, the latter has an additional feature of an optical option such as TOSLINK.

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below to complete the process.

  • Place the soundbar at your desired place. Turn the power on.
  • You can connect using an audio cable to the output on the projector. However, the preferred option is by using an optical connection.
  • Take the other end of the cable and connect it with the soundbar.
  • Turn the soundbar on.
  • Position your volume at your desired range. If the speakers of your projectors are not up to the mark then it will be better to turn them off before playing on the soundbar.

Connecting a Projector to an A/V Receiver

This is one of the most complex and complicated methods of connecting the projector to an A/V receiver. It establishes an indirect relationship between the speaker and the projector. It involves the following methods, you just need to follow them and your connection will be established.

  • Connect all the available speakers to the receiver through speaker wire or coaxial cables.
  • Now connect all the available inputs including both audio and video inputs to the receiver. this includes all of the devices, multimedia players.
  • Take an HDMI cable and plug it into the receiver’s video output.
  • Now take the other end of the cable and plug it into your projector’s video input
  • Now inverse the A/V receiver source and connect the video output to the projector and video input to the A/V receiver source.

Connecting a Projector to a Bluetooth Speaker

The most preferable and desired method of connecting a projector to a speaker is by using Bluetooth connectivity. It is a fast method and is free from the mess created by the wired connection. However, the only demerit it has as compared to other wired methods is that the sound quality is not as high as in others.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to enjoy Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Place your speaker at its desired place and at an appropriate distance since too much distance can cause distortion and difficulty in connecting.
  • Turn on pairing mode from the Bluetooth speaker
  • Go to the settings in your projector and find an option for Bluetooth connectivity. Turn the option on and select “search for devices”
  • Accept the connection once the speaker name displays on the projector. It may require a passcode sometimes.
  • Now both the devices will connect automatically with each other whenever they’re turned on at the same time.

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We hope that after reading this article you have learned all the possible methods of how to connect the speaker to the projector. Remember, we have gone through the complete process of reviewing each step. We have explained each method step by step which you just need to follow for establishing a connection.

You can realize after reading this article that each method has its benefits and demerits. However, the most preferable method still is through a Bluetooth connection. So, always choose a projector that provides a Bluetooth connectivity option as it will save you from many troubles in near future. It can also save you from the mess created by wired connections.