Best Gobo Projector For Weddings

Updated Dec 18, 2021

The best GOBO projector for weddings is out there for you! The term GOBO stands for ‘goes between optics’ and it is a type of projector you can get for all sorts of occasions. This type of device is made of glass or steel, placed inside of a projector. This then produces a GOBO light projection of the image or text on the display.

The GOBO lights wedding projector is famous for its use in weddings and various events and it is great for your wedding because they project logos on walls, display fun things on the dance floor, and make other gatherings incredibly fun!

You probably have seen a GOBO light projector before. In this article, we are going to enlist the best GOBO projector for weddings options just for you. But before that, let’s break down exactly what you need in a GOBO projector!

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1. CHAUVET DJ EZ Wedding Projector

Best Overall



4. SUNY Stage DJ Projector

5. Hiliting LED Gobo Projector

Best GOBO Projector for Weddings Buying Guide

Before making the decision to purchase a gobo projector for your wedding, here are some of the few things you should know before making your choice. Custom GOBOs, image quality, GOBO light options, and manual focus, manual zoom, as well as custom image options and projection range can all make or break the ideal GOBO projector.

There are a few key factors you need to think about as you shop for your GOBO. These key factors include brightness, the type of GOBO, image quality and variety, as well as price. Take a look at our detailed breakdown to understand your options better.

The brightness of the GOBO Projector

A good light source is one of the most important factors for projecting images at your wedding. The right GOBO projector will have an extended lamp life, quality beam angle options, and be visible with indoor and outdoor use. Other projectors may have certain lumens and measurement requirements for projected images. However, your own custom GOBOs simply need excellent brightness capabilities.

If it will be used for indoor events, outdoor events, and especially weddings. This means that the low cost gobo projector with average brightness can easily do your task while remaining under budget. However, if the wedding is outside in the broad daylight, you’ll probably need a bright GOBO projector with high lumens to be able to counter the fading caused by sunlight.

Type of GOBO Options

Whether you’re looking for HD images or a quick setup, the right GOBO is out there for your wedding event. There are two basic types of GOBO projectors you need to consider:

Steel GOBO Projector

The steel GOBO projectors are the monochrome GOBO projectors that project black and white images. This is a very basic projector with a relatively shorter lifespan. Typically made from an aluminum alloy metal shell.

Glass GOBO Projector

The glass GOBO projectors for weddings are advanced projectors. They have HD images, colored projected image options, and high resolution optical lens for icons.

When it comes to your wedding, these options can both deliver. The Steel GOBO is great for a simple DJ effect or small picture, while still having a high-quality light source and beam angle.

The Glass GOBO projector tends to have a longer lamp life, longer throw distance, more visual content options, as well as a lightweight design. They tend to be more expensive, however, the GOBO light sources with the glass options are incredible.

Image Quality

An important factor for purchasing your GOBO will be finding the best image that suits your wedding. That being said, there is a lot of variety when it comes to projected images. GOBOs can have pre-built images, as well as custom images made to order. The type of image you can project depends entirely on the following:

  • Throw Distance
  • Light Source
  • Light Quality
  • Amount of GOBOs
  • Projection range
  • The brand of GOBO you purchase will have a big impact on the type of image you can project at your event.

Pricing Your GOBO Projector

Let’s be honest, weddings are not cheap. Finding the right GOBO for your event may mean settling for what fits the budget. The cost of these types of projectors depends upon a lot of factors. Materials, glass quality, lighting options, as well as whether it works indoors and outdoors. Not to mention how many images, and the quality of images available.

Variety and Multiple Images

There are lot of options when it comes to image variety. Not to mention the use of multiple images on one GOBO projector. While some brands boast the ability to make custom logos and images, there are GOBOs that are just generic designs and basic images.

The type of projector you purchase will have a huge impact on the amount and variety of images you can project. Be certain to know before you buy what kind of logos or images you will want. If you only want one image, then you can buy something with a longer lamp life, but will only have one image.

On the other hand you may want something with multiple images. If that is the case, you may have to sacrifice lamp life, or even image quality to get more options.

Top 5 Best Gobo Projectors For Weddings In 2022

We have searched the internet for the best possible GOBO projectors for your wedding. Our choices include affordable options, high-quality light source and lamp life, as well as including fun features like wireless connectivity and excellent distance coverage.

These are our top five selections for your GOBO light projections at your amazing wedding! Check out this comparison table to get a quick glance at your options.

Editor’s choice:

After going through various options available online for gobo wedding projectors and reviewing each one of them in detail, we filtered the crap out so you don’t have to do the hard part and made a listing for best gobo projectors for weddings. And if you want to make a quicker decision, the editor’s recommendation for you for the top gobo event projector is the CHAUVET DJ EZ GOBO Projector. For a comprehensive review including the features, check out its review below.

1. CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO Wedding Projector – Best Overall!


On the top of our list, as well as being the editor’s choice, is the CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO event projector. This is the best overall GOBO projector for weddings and events.

As the name of this GOBO light projector shows, this is specifically designed for DJs to light up the dance floor and keep the party moving. Wedding planners love it because it has some great lighting for the stage and dance floor. All in all, it can be used for your wedding, and other fun events.

It is a LED GOBO projector and one of the best features of this is that there some very powerful magnets installed in the base of this projector. This means that it eliminates the hassle of screwing and mounting it up in a wall or to a stand. You basically stick it to any flat metal surface and it will do its job. Making it an excellent portable projection device, with amazing LED life.

Speaking of portability, this projector has a built-in battery pack which is rechargeable making it completely portable and wire-free to use and place anywhere.

It also features a manual zoom feature which allows the projection of the image to be enlarged. Meaning you can get a short-throw as well as a long-throw projection option in the same device. All things considered, this zoom DJ effect light, with pre built GOBO projectors is a great option for big halls and small venues.

  • Magnetic base which makes the installation mountless.
  • Built-in battery pack to make it portable.
  • Manual zoom option.
  • Pre-installed themes for weddings.
  • Also has the option to use your own custom themes.
  • The brightness is average.
  • Relatively small gobos projections.

2. ADJ PINPOINT GOBO COLOR Projector – Best for Easy Set Up!


On the second place of our list for best gobos for weddings is this ADJ Pinpoint GOBO color projector. It has a great review rating from reviewers all over the world. It is an ADJ products GOBO projector that will make your wedding unforgettable. ADJ is known to deliver quality in their products and their excellent customer service.

This projector is 10W powered 4 in 1 LED light projector for wedding events. Similar to our previous selection, this one also has a magnet built into its base for easier and hassle-free installation. It also supports X-clip mount drop ceiling frame mounting.

It has a built-in powerful battery which makes it portable. The GOBO size and portability mean it can be placed anywhere in the wedding hall. The battery lasts for around 5 hours in normal mode and around 18 hours in energy saving mode.

Reviews for this projector rave about the ease of portability, as well as the cost. Not to mention the reasonable cost. The removable GOBOs make it easy to switch out your images.

  • Magnetic base X-clip frame mounting.
  • Built-in powerful battery.
  • 4 unique removable gobos.
  • Frost filter.
  • You need to buy the UC IR remote separately which is optional.

3. INSTAGOBO 15W LED GOBO Projector – Best for Long Lamp Life!

INSTAGOBO 15W Gobo projector

This is the compact 15-watt LED GOBO projector by INSTAGOBO. Other than the Chauvet, this InstaGOBO wedding projector’s LED chip gives you around 30,000 hours lifespan before needing to be replaced. This means it has high temperature resistance, and possibly even sandblasting oxidation treatment for the glass.

With such a long life and high-quality materials, it is one of the brightest GOBO projectors. Also, the quality of the projection is top-notch. The picture quality on this projector is crisp, sharp, and has clear HD image. Most GOBO projectors die due to constant use, but not this one!

All in all, it has a very good high temperature resistance and heat pipe so you can use it for extended periods of time. That also means that it can be in a hot dance hall, or in the sunlight for longer as well.

The GOBOs which can be used in this sleek projector are made of glass and film. The same company also provides custom built multi-color plates with your own image for your big event. The quality of the projector and the GOBO size, make this a great option for your wedding!

  • Extra long 30,000 hours life.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Crystal clear HD image projection.
  • A little more expensive than others.
  • Comes with only one single color gobo.

4. SUNY Stage DJ GOBO Projector – Best for Variety of Features!

SUNY Stage Party Lights

A great addition to the list of best Gobo projector for your wedding is SUNY Stage DJ Projector. As the name suggests, this projector is the perfect fit for DJs and dance floors.

Not only that, but you can use it for any purpose. It is an excellent showstopper at events and parties. It comes with a great collection of 20 GOBOs and 128 fantastic combinations!

It provides amazing features with a ridiculously low price point. You will not find more bang for your buck with any other GOBO projector.

Another great highlight of the SUNY stage projector is its sound sensors. They control the lighting effects in relation to the sound. This means that your music beats are correlated with the lightings.

The projector comes with remote control, making it a convenient option. You can change any setting, from sound to lights, from one convenient spot. It is compact and light in weight, so you can take it any place with you. You only have to plug it in and see the magic happening in the next few minutes.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Comes with 20 Gobos and 128 combinations
  • Light and sound sensors
  • Lightweight projector

  • Average brightness
  • No Scissor clip

5. Hiliting LED GOBO Projector – Best for Picture Quality!

GOBO Light Logo Projector

Hiliting is famous for its robust GOBO projector selections. Therefore, it is listed among our choices for best GOBO projectors for weddings. The body is made of aluminum, alloy metal shell making it durable and reliable. Due to this, it works great as an indoor as well as an outdoor projector. It goes an extra mile by constituting a glass GOBO, which projects even the most intricate and delicate designs.

The picture quality is great, which means that you can take it to small events, club parties, and weddings. The Hiliting LED logo GOBO Projector comes with an efficient cooling system keeping the device cool at all times. The IP65 resistance means that you can use it outdoors without any worries of rain or moisture.

You can customize the settings according to your ease. Whether you want it to rotate or stand still, turn the light on or off you can control it all through a click of the remote. It provides high-quality projection, that is crisp, bright, and vivid. It is easy to mount and set up. You can consider it as an all-in-one Gobo projector, containing all the specs you could wish for.

  • Strong light
  • Razor-sharp projections
  • It is waterproof
  • Needs to be placed near the location

Final Verdict for Your GOBO Projector!

No matter what kind of projector you’re looking for for your wedding, we have you covered with these amazing selections. Our top five options will give you a fun, memorable projector experience for your wedding.

If you’re looking for something for an outdoor wedding, then go with the Hiliting LED GOBO projector. It has amazingly strong light and it’s also waterproof! This LED logo GOBO is not only great at projecting images, but it is also affordable.

The SUNY Stage DJ Projector is a great option to definitely get your money’s worth. The multiple options for projections, as well as lightweight design makes it ideal for saving money. However, it still provides excellent picture quality!

The INSTAGOBO 15W LED GOBO projector will give you the longest lamp life, as well as a clear HD image.

Easy set up can be found with any of our selections, but the CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO and the ADJ Pinpoint GOBO color projector have a fast, magnetic stand. Making setup incredibly easy.

Finding the right GOBO for your wedding does NOT have to be difficult! Use this helpful guide to make your selection, and bring an extra element of fun and personality to your big day!


Are GOBO Projectors Expensive?

GOBO projectors are extremely affordable. They cost anywhere from $35 to $1,000.

Can a GOBO Project Monograms?

GOBO projectors can include pre built GOBOs, as well as custom images including monograms for your wedding.

Do I Need to Have a Mount for the GOBO?

Most GOBO projectors will have easy magnet stands, clip on bases, as well as adjustable clips. Some brands require ceiling, or floor mounts.

Do GOBO Projectors Rotate?

Some GOBO projectors have the ability to rotate and move, or project moving images. Most models provide stationary images.