Best Projector Case 2023

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Did you finally get your dream projector? Is the money worth it? Of course, it would be! Nothing matches the vibes of a big screen projector. The trend changed from TVs to projectors, and now it has shifted to portable projectors.

Portable projectors are a wonderful innovation to the traditional big screens. You can take them anywhere with you, and turn any spot into a personalized movie theatre. However, a slight mishandling on your part could lead to damage worth more than the projector itself.

This is where the best projector case comes to your rescue. You need something that is easy to carry and also provides protection to your projector. If you are a travel junkie, you might want to take your projector on every camping trip you make. There is no harm in that, just make sure your projector case is with you.

What are the specifications of the best projector case? How do they play a part in protecting your projector? What are the best options out there? Read on to find out.

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Buying guide for the best projector case

1- Snug fit

A projector case should have the right proportions in order to protect the device. A loose, shaggy case destroys the purpose of getting a protective case for your projector. You should measure your projector’s length, breadth, and height properly before investing in a case.

Furthermore, you should look for a projector case that comes with additional compartments and pockets for the accessories. Usually, the projectors come with wired connectivity options like HDMI, AV, etc. This means that you always have to have a cable for it. A projector case with dividers ensures that you never forget your cables at home.

2- Waterproof

Another essential characteristic all best projector cases must-have is a waterproof structure. Imagine having your projector on the front seat of your car. A sudden break might spill your coffee on the dashboard to spill over it. In this case, you will not have to worry if your projector is inside a waterproof case.

You do not know the places you will be taking your projector to. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in a waterproof projector case. A camping trip, or an outdoor party, take your projector with yourself without second thoughts.

3- Durable

The durability of a projector case depends upon its manufacturing fabric, stitching quality, and build. The internal padding is the first to wear off. Therefore, it is important that you get a projector case with good quality lining, having exceptional fabric as well as stitching. The lining comes in different qualities too. You can find nylon, foam, microfibre, and a lot of others.

The best projector cases also come with shockproof technology. This ensures that your projector stays scratch-free and protected even if it suffers a fall. If you are using a portable projector, you would know how common these mishaps are. So, it is better to be prepared with a hard and secure case for your projector.

4- Build quality

Projector cases are nothing expensive, especially if you have already invested in a costly projector. So, it is upon you to get a good quality projector case without thinking of your budget. Furthermore, buying a sturdy case with long-lasting stitches also means that it would last you years. What would be better than a projector case lasting you as long as your projector works?

A strap would also come in handy if you have a portable projector. Take it to the office, camping trips, to your friend’s backyard party, or anywhere with easy carrying.

List Of Top 7 Best projector cases



Our Rating



Bomaker Mini Projector Bag


celexon Projector Case

Editor’s choice


Luxja Carrying Bag


TYCKA Projector Carrying Bag


CASEMATIX Projector Hard Case


ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Case


USA GEAR Mini Projector Case

Editor’s recommendation

If you need a projector that is affordable, high quality, durable and spacious all in one Celexon Projector Case would be the right fit for you. This versatile projector case can carry almost any projector with its dimensions. The customizable dividers make it easy to store all your projector essentials in it. The padding adds an extra layer of protection to elongate your projector’s life.


1. Bomaker Portable Mini Projector Bag

Bomaker Portable Projector Bag

First on the list of the best projector cases is the Bomaker Portable Mini Projector Bag. Any projector within the range of 11.81(L)*8.26(W)*3.54(H)inch would fit perfectly well. Although it is customized for the GC555 / GC355 projector, the dimensions are huge so you do not need to worry about the fittings.

The dynamic exterior is not only waterproof but also waterproof and washable. This makes it highly sustainable and environment friendly. Use it for years and the case will still not show any sign of grind. You can carry it with you everywhere thanks to its sturdy internal strap. Arrange all your accessories including cables and USB neatly in the built-in dividers.

Another issue most of the projector cases have is the zipper hitches. Bomaker Portable Mini Projector Bag comes with a smooth, swift metallic zip giving you access in a second. You can carry your projector while travelling and have it with you everywhere.

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  • Smooth zips
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Does not fit the cable easily


2. Celexon Projector Case

Celexon Projector Case

Be it an Epson, Optoma, Sony, or a Viewsonic projector this projector case can hold them all. With a sleek, decent outlook Celexon Projector Case comes in 16 x 11 inches. It pairs perfectly with your portable projector adding convenience with style. You can attach and detach the soft, padded shoulder strap as per your ease.

The case shell is extremely sturdy with a robust appearance. The washable covering and plastic feet at the bottom ensure that your case always remains spick and span. It has a waterproof exterior adding to the durability of the case. Made from 100% polyester fabric, Celexon Projector Case will last you a lifetime without any weariness.

This is not all. What makes it the best projector case is the customizable dividers and compartments. You can fix them according to your needs. Furthermore, it also has some zipper compartments. This way you can use it for other stuff as well like documents and CD storage. The price point is affordable but comparatively higher as compared to other cases. However, the cost is totally justified for the quality.

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  • Customizable dividers
  • Washable
  • Price is relatively higher


3. Luxja Carrying Bag for Mini Projector

Luxja Carrying Bag

Another wonderful option on the list of the best projector cases is the Luxja Carrying Bag for Mini Projector. This scratch-resistant, padded, and durable manufacturing fabric adds to its value. You can use it roughly and the fabric would still not budge. Most of the projector cases come with double-sided fabric only. While it works well, what is even better is padding between the sides. This is how Luxja keeps your projector as safe as your home.

The compartments on the upper, inner side are engineered with compactness in mind. The elastic bands on the end of the pockets secure your accessories like HDMI cables, USB, manuals, etc. the casing is spacious and open, carrying the potential of holding large projectors too. You can get an idea from the 9.25″ x 7.75″ x 5.5″(whole bag); 9″ x 7.5″ x 4″ (bottom interior dimensions).

You can carry it with you everywhere all with easy handling features. The soft but sturdy handles are one example. You can see the close, professional stitches and know about the high-quality manufacturing that goes behind.

  • Durable
  • Soft fabric
  • Does not leave any extra space


4. TYCKA Projector Travel Carrying Bag

TYCKA Projector Travel Carrying Bag

If you are looking for the best projector case that can carry your projector everywhere with style and protection, look no further. TYCKA Projector Travel Carrying Bag is well built with a spacious interior. It comes with 3 adjustable dividers so you can adjust them according to your device. You do not have to worry about the accessories as well. Keep it in the net zipper provided so it remains in front of you all the time.

The fabric quality is extremely fine. Made with sturdy nylon, you can expect it to stay intact as long as you use it. It comes with a detachable shoulder and a hand carry strap making it easy to carry around. Even though the shoulder strap is immensely soft and comfortable, the hand-carry option works great for people with shoulder problems.

You do not have to use it specifically for your projector only. The additional pockets and zippers allow you to use it for your office files and documents. This makes it an all-in-one option great for corporate people. The back tie can be unzipped to be used as a second handle adding to the strength of the handles.

  • Lightweight
  • Padded covering
  • Only leaves space for accessories with a mini projector


5. CASEMATIX Video Projector Hard Case

CASEMATIX Home Video Projector

CASEMATIX Video Projector Hard Case is different from all the other best projector cases. Unlike other projectors, this one does not have a fabric exterior. Instead, it makes use of a hard blow mould plastic. This gives your projector all the protection it needs to survive out there. Any projector with 16″ x 13″ x 6″ in external dimensions will fit in it. It is compact but not small.

Besides, the protective exterior, the interior also exhibits high definition security with the tri-layered foam. It works as a shock absorber with the types of foams it uses. The solid ester foam combined with the dense foam and egg crate foam gives it additional stability. It also has a sleek side compartment for any coed or accessory.

The dual padlock rings give you the option of locking your equipment in. travel anywhere with your projector without the fear of theft. The latches are easy to handle with wide dimensions. Carry your projector effortlessly through the moulded handle of this best projector case.

  • Shock absorbing
  • Padlock rings
  • Hardshell fits only a few projectors


6. ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Carrying Case

ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Carrying Case

ViewSonic PJ-CASE-008 Projector Carrying Case is one of the best projector cases in the market. It multiplies the convenience that the portable projector brings to your life with easy handling and carrying. Any projector will fit in it as long as it from Viewsonic.

The nylon fabric is wear-resistant which means that you can use it roughly and it would still last you long. It will surely save your device from scratches and wear, but the lack of padding means that it cannot survive falls and bumps. The spacious dimensions let you keep all your essentials in the case. It is large enough to fit a projector and along with additional cables, and stuff.

The handle makes it easy to carry the case. You can also attach the shoulder strap for further convenience. The fact that it is not bulky or heavy makes it a great option. The affordability is another plus point.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • No padding


7. USA GEAR Mini Projector Case S7 Pro

USA GEAR Mini Projector Case

USA Gear has produces some quality cases and bags in the past. Hence, you should not expect anything less than A-class quality from this USA GEAR Mini Projector Case S7 Pro. It is the most spacious out of all the options with 2 adjustable dividers. You can fit in your projector, adapter, cables, presentation tools, and a lot of other stuff all at once.

The padded nylon exterior is waterproof and scratch-resistant making it last for a long time. It is listed under the best projector cases for its compact size and durability. You can find a pouch on the interior and some added zippers on the external surface for extra space. Fit in anything you want to take with you for your presentation in this case so you never forget them.

For an ideal fit, your projector must be 11 x 8 x 4 inches. This gives a snug and tight fit to your projector saving it from any stress induced by a fall or a bump. It can fit any projector from Viewsonic, Vankyo, DR.J, GooDee, etc.

  • Adjustable compartments
  • Good quality zippers
  • Better suited to mini projectors


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The ideal case scenario would be to get a projector case when buying a projector. However, it is never too late to invest in it. If your projector luckily has not experienced any damage, get a case for it to secure it for the future.

All the products mentioned above come under the best projector cases for a reason. They are long-lasting as well as provide protection to your device. Measure the dimensions of your projector and get one now.