Best Projector With Wifi And Bluetooth

Updated Jan 3, 2022

Looking for the best wifi & Bluetooth projector?

If you have owned a projector before, you would know how annoying the dangling wires and cables are. Of course, the small size, big screen, and portability are great features, but you cannot ignore the sprawling wires on the ground. You might also be a first-time buyer. Whatever the case, it is ideal to invest in the best wireless projectors with wifi and Bluetooth.

However, there are a few things to consider before making your choice. You need top-quality resolution, contrast, and brightness in order to make full use of it and of course, it must be wifi and Bluetooth compatible and if possible a portable projector. With so many options in the market, all exhibiting similar specs; it can get overwhelming to choose the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth 2022.



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FANGOR Wifi Projector

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ViewSonic M1+ Portable Projector

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Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector


YABER V6 Projector


TOPTRO Bluetooth WiFi Projector


WiMiUS S25 Mini Projector


Jinhoo WiFi Projector

How to choose the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth – Buyers’ Guide


The quality of your image majorly depends upon the resolution of your projector. The wifi and Bluetooth compatibility are of no use if your projector cannot display a sharp, bright image.

Ideally, you should get a projector with a native resolution of 1080p. However, if you are on a tight budget, but still want quality graphics; a 720p projector would work just as fine.


If you are looking for the best outdoor projector with wifi and Bluetooth, that works great even in well-lit conditions; you need higher brightness. The higher the brightness, the better quality graphics you get.

The brightness is measured in lumens. Hence, you should be getting a projector with a minimum brightness of 1500 lumen. When using it outdoors, get a projector with at least 3000-lumen brightness.

Contrast ratio

The difference between the light and dark shades is called color contrast. This plays a crucial role in displaying an even, sharp image with premium color accuracy. A good resolution without an acceptable contrast ratio is of no use.

You can easily find a lot of wifi and Bluetooth mini projectors with high color contrast.

Lamp life

Modern technology has made durable projectors extremely affordable. You can find the best projectors with wifi and Bluetooth with a lamp life as long as 20,000 hours.

The long-lasting light bulbs add ease and convenience to your life. You do not have to invest in projector light bulbs or run for the services frequently. A projector of lamp life 20,000 hours can easily last you 10 years if used for 4 hours daily.


If you prefer convenience over fancy features; wireless connectivity is a must-have. WiFi and BlueTooth provide an efficient means of connecting your projector to an Android or iOS smartphone without the added hassle of dealing with a long HDMI cable and finding an appropriate power source.

Among the two, Wi Fi connection provides stronger signal strength and can connect to your mobile devices even in different rooms. It greatly enhances the user experience by saving you time and space that can be utilized in a better way.


As opposed to the common notions, a wireless projector is not entirely wireless. You still need to establish some wired connections such as for a BlueTooth speaker or gaming console. This requires the availability of some essential ports such as the HDMI port, USB port, micro SD card port, and VGA port.

While nothing beats the comfort of a wireless connection; there is no denying that a wired connection is more stable. Hence, you may use these ports to transfer data to your projector from android phones using wires and dongles.

Sound system

You can choose to get a portable video projector with a built-in speaker or connect it to BlueTooth speakers using the ports. Either way, you can easily get yourself a high-grade srs sound system to go with the display. Be it a sports match, movie night, or an official meeting; the audio quality matters a lot. Hence, make sure you get a portable projector with quality audio.


Besides its time-saving nature; Wi-Fi and BlueTooth projectors serve as excellent companions during traveling, thanks to their rechargeable battery and remote control. The wireless network along with wireless mirroring provides you with loads of options under portable projectors.

The wifi and Bluetooth allow you to connect your devices to the projector even from a distance.

How Did We Choose The Best Bluetooth Projector?

An efficient wireless projector should not only have stable WiFi or a BlueTooth connection. It also needs to have equally impressive base features such as resolution, brightness, contrast level and is must be an overall good portable projector. After all, what good is a wireless connection if the display results are sub-par?

People tend to overlook the basic features when their sole focus is getting a wireless projector. However, that is not the right approach! This is why we made sure to pick only the best projectors out there, that not only specialize in providing stable connection to your devices but also excellent image quality.

Additionally, we also wanted this list to include projectors from variable price ranges and usability. Therefore, you will find everything on here, from an HD projector to HiFi stereo speakers; mediocre to high contrast ratio, and a lot more. Rest assured, you can select any smart projector from this list and expect it to perform well in all conditions; both indoors and outdoors.

Even if you have a strict budget to follow, you can easily find a wireless projector for yourself. The best part about this compilation is that you do not have to miss out on a lot, even when opting for a budget device.

Top 10 best projectors with wifi and Bluetooth

Editor’s recommendation

Among all the projectors listed below, FANGOR WiFi Projector tops the list with its extraordinary features. The resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio all hit the mark with the splendid display quality. Its compact size and light weight make it convenient to use. Besides the sound system is excellent too, giving it full worth of your money.

1. FANGOR WiFi Projector

FANGOR Wifi Projector

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First on our list of the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth is the FANGOR WiFi Projector. The extensive range of connectivity options makes it stand out from its competitors. Connect your iOS and Android devices to the projector and enjoy your media on the big screen. The wireless options relieve you from the inconvenience of connecting long, suspended cables.

It is not surprising to find it under the best outdoor projector with wifi and Bluetooth. The 7500-lumen brightness and 1080p resolution result in a brilliant display both indoors and outdoors. It serves as the perfect projector for backyard parties and camping trips. None other option under this range comes with the additional five-layered lens and the 5.8” TFT panel. This increases the light output, giving a sharp image.

You can connect it to your laptops, PC, mobile phones, and other devices through multiple input ports. The built-in speakers also support Bluetooth connection giving you easy access to an amplified sound system. Enjoy your movies, games, and other media with full cinematic feels. The display performance is exceptional for a projector at this price.

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  • Easy to use Great brightness Flexible connectivity
  • Remote lags sometimes

2. ViewSonic M1+ Wi-Fi Projector

ViewSonic Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector

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Next on our list of the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth is the ViewSonic M1+ Wi-Fi Projector. This versatile projector comes with a wide range of useful features apart from the wifi and Bluetooth compatibility. It comes with a sleek, compact design rendering it perfect for use in any place. It’s one of the best portable projectors. Take it with you on the road, office, or even to your living room for a fun family movie night.

It deals with small places efficiently with an extremely short throw. Project an image as large as 100 inches from a distance of only 8 feet. Furthermore, the Bluetooth stereo speakers elevate the viewing experience with their high-definition audio. If you are a gaming enthusiast, this would be an amazing device for you. The long-lasting battery and screen adjustment options such as keystone correction help immensely in this regard.

Stream your favorite movies and shows on the projector by directly downloading them on the projector. Without any device or cables, ViewSonic M1+ Wi-Fi Projector provides you comfort and ease both. Besides the usual connectivity options such as iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, and MacOS as well as gaming consoles with the HDMI, it also has a USB-C option. This ensures extra clarity and swiftness.

  • DLP technology Impressive speakers Lens shift feature
  • Average shadow details

3. Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector

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If you are in search of the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth that is affordable as well, Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector would be your best find. The native 720p resolution combines with 6000-lumen brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio to give outstanding results. The bright, vivid picture quality is not the only reason to invest in this beauty. It comes in a compact size making it easy to take it with you everywhere.

Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector is the only budget projector with wifi and Bluetooth. You can find a lot of options with wireless connectivity, but they will not have the range of features Artlii provides. The massive screen size of 300 inches gives you the true big screen feels. Everything looks good on a huge display. When the display is as large as 300 inches, the experience multiplies threefold.

The Bluetooth and wifi-supported stereo speakers provide the ultimate theatrical ambiance. This also contributes to the affordability of this projector since you do not have to invest in any external speakers. You can use the zoom and keystone feature to adjust the angles and screen. It is not limited to wireless or wired connections. Instead, you get both so you can use them as per your requirements. Use the HDMI, AV, VGA, SD, or the Bluetooth port for flexible connectivity.

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  • Compact and lightweight Large screen display High brightness
  • Average sound quality

4. YABER V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector

YABER V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector

With a stunning picture quality owing to the native 1080p resolution and high lumen, YABER V6 WiFi Bluetooth Projector gives you the full worth of your money. The 8500-lumen brightness and 10,000:1 contrast ratio give a brilliant display making it the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth. It comes with a handy and compact design adding to the portability. The wifi and Bluetooth connectivity options make it feasible to use it anywhere with any device.

Furthermore, the built-in 6W Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to the list of features. Enjoy boosted, amplified high-definition audio, much like the cinema without any Bluetooth speaker. This also means that you have one less thing to carry in the form of speakers. Use the recommended Eco Mode to lengthen the working life. This projector provides you a tremendous lamp life of 100,000 hours. Use it all you want, without the worries of any maintenance.

Another highlight of the YABER V6 is the 4D keystone correction. While the average plane keystone is also helpful, the 4 Point keystone is even better. You can adjust all four corners separately according to your liking. This makes it more convenient to display the screen according to your dimensions. The zoom function also adds to the productivity of the projector.

  • Powerful speakers Fast Bluetooth and wifi connections Excellent image quality
  • The fan is not very quiet

5. TOPTRO Bluetooth WiFi Projector

TOPTRO Bluetooth WiFi Projector

TOPTRO Bluetooth WiFi Projector is yet another best projector with wifi and Bluetooth. What makes it stand out is the splendid picture quality. With a native resolution of 1080p and 4K support, you get crisp, bright images even better than expensive projectors. The wireless connections mean that you do not have to take any adapters and cables with you.

The zoom and 4D correction functions appear to be extremely useful in the case of a ceiling mount. You do not have to fumble with the buttons manually or change the position of the projector. Adjust the screen size and angle with the help of zoom and keystone and you are good to go. The projector can read your files and documents by itself making it extremely productive for office use.

You can expect exceptional display performance all thanks to the 8000-lumen brightness. Use it outdoors, in bright light and the result would still be commendable. The removable dust filter makes it easy to clean and put back. Furthermore, the lamp life of 150,000 hours provides you ample time to watch all your favorite shows and movies.

  • Easy setup Flexible connectivity options Great sound quality
  • Noise-canceling system is average

6. WiMiUS S25 Wifi Bluetooth Projector

WiMiUS Wifi Bluetooth Projector

If you are looking for a projector that falls under your budget with good display quality along with wifi and Bluetooth compatibility, WiMiUS S25 would be a great option. It comes with a native 720p resolution and 6000-lumen brightness giving you outstanding color accuracy and graphics. You can get a massive 200-inch display perfect for movie nights and official presentations.

What makes it stand among the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth is the exemplary sound effects. The audio and visuals combined take your family movie nights a step farther with the cinematic vibes. Stream your media from Android and iOS devices using the screen mirroring feature.

It is compatible with almost all devices through its HDMI, and AV ports. Use it for your garden parties, camping trips, home theatre, and a lot more. The efficient cooling system keeps the system working for 60,000 hours before needing a lamp replacement. Moreover, the 5 layered lens adds to the performance giving you razor-sharp visuals with extra clarity.

When compared to other wireless models in the market, WiMiUS S25 stands out from its competitors. Although, high brightness and resolution are not the only reasons; they contribute majorly to its popularity. The Android Tv, lasting lamp hours, and its compact dimensions are some other features that make it one of the best portable projectors out there.

  • Multiple connectivity options Huge screen display User friendly
  • Average keystone adjustments

7. Jinhoo WiFi Mini Projector

Jinhoo WiFi Projector

Jinhoo WiFi Mini Projector is the ultimate mini wifi and Bluetooth projector. It provides a range of amazing features all for a ridiculously low price point. No other 720p resolution projector with 5500-lumen brightness is available at this cost. You get excellent quality graphics with crisp, sharp images.

Furthermore, the display size of 176 inches from a short distance of 5 meters is amazing. The updated USB and wifi connections make it undoubtedly one of the best portable projectors with wifi and Bluetooth. It also comes with a lot of input options including HDMI, VGA, AV, USB interfaces making it convenient to use.

This projector performs best in dark environments, however, you can also use it outdoors. The keystone and focus increase productivity and makes use of its full potential. The built-in stereo speakers give high-quality sound, perfect for movie nights without any Bluetooth speaker.

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  • Affordable Excellent picture quality Multiple connectivity options
  • Fan noise is not negligible

8. Gzunelic 7500 lumens Android WiFi Projector

Gzunelic Android WiFi Projector

Gzunelic 7500 lumens is a top-quality device that is a bit costly, but it fulfills all your needs. It is one of the best projectors with Wi-Fi connectivity. This projector comes with dimensions of 13.77 x 10.82 x 5.51 inches. It weighs about 8.5 pounds. This device has one of the latest software installed on it.

This device is designed in such a way that it provides colour accuracy and details of the images being displayed, which gives its user a phenomenal experience. One thing which is for sure is that if they are saying we are providing 6500 lumens you know you are getting it. Gzunelic 7500 lumens provide an excellent contrast ratio of 10000:1 which will make your visual excellent.

Not only does it have an exemplary wifi connection, but also a stable, wired Ethernet option. This means you can continue with your work even in the absence of a wifi network.

This projector provides a full HD display at 1080p resolution, which makes it best for gaming purposes. You don’t have to adjust the settings, just play and enjoy the game. This projector provides a stable temperature with the help of cooling fans. The only thing this projector demands from you is that you spend extra money. Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about anything which makes it highly user-friendly.

  • High contrast ratio of 10000:1 Temperature controlling cooling fans 7500 lumens brightness
  • No option available for zoom Some issues related to sound

9. VILINICE WiFi Projector and Portable Projector

VILINICE WiFi Projector

VILINICE Wi-Fi Projector and Portable Phone Projector with Wireless Mirroring is another Bluetooth portable projector with dimensions of 12.01 x 3.94 x 7.4 inches. It weighs about 3.25 pounds. This video projector has stereo speakers of 3W which lets you enjoy the music to its fullest. While the built-in speakers work fine for regular use, you might want to connect them to external Bluetooth speakers for special movie nights.

It has a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 which helps in displaying real sharp and detailed images. It provides a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 or 720p. This projector allows you to enjoy the videos from YouTube by allowing you to screencast the smartphone screen by providing you with a large viewing ordeal. Vilinice projector also provides its users with Wi-Fi services for wireless support.

This portable projector is capable of providing a 240-inches screen size. You can enjoy up to 80,000 hours of high-quality display, thanks to its high native resolution. The Bluetooth feature adds to its worth by providing flexible connectivity to its users. You can run it for as long as you want without any loud noises or heating issues.

You can mount it on your bedroom’s ceiling to save up some space. Additionally, it also comes with an efficient remote control system that helps in managing it better. This is one of the cheapest projectors available in the market at the moment and makes an amazing choice for a tight budget.

  • Wireless connection 3W Stereo Speakers 5,000 lumens brightness Cooling system
  • Flat sound Issues with packaging

10. BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Full HD Bluetooth Projector

BIGASUO [2021 Upgrade] Projector

Another product in our list of the best projectors with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is Bigasuo [2021 Upgrade] Full HD Bluetooth Projector. This projector comes with dimensions of 12.76 x 10.55 x 5.59 inches. It weighs about 4.82 pounds. It has a native resolution of 720p, and it also has 1080p FHD support.

The main distinguishing feature which makes it like a late 2010s laptop is that it comes with a built-in DVD player. It also has the option of inserting a Micro SD card and USB drives. It has a high contrast ratio of 4,000:1 to meet all your needs of streaming.

It also has a Bluetooth audio connectivity option along with HDMI, VGA, USB connections. This video projector comes with a tripod mount that greatly helps in screen mirroring. It provides HD 1280 x 720-pixel native resolution. Its hardware is designed such that it supports VGA, DVD-R, USB, and CD-R as well as HDMI and Bluetooth.

  • High contrast ratio of 4,000:1 Ceiling mountable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Some issues related to sound Remote doesn’t work always

Best WiFi & Bluetooth Projector Final verdict

Our picks of the best video projector with wi-fi and Bluetooth consists of the very best options. If you already have an idea regarding the sort of Bluetooth projector you want; here is a brief on some of our top picks.

If you are looking for a mini projector with a large screen size that does not compromise screen mirroring from Android devices; TOPTRO Bluetooth WiFi Projector and Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector would make an amazing choice. The built-in speakers and zoom function elevate the user experience by providing an srs sound system that works well with any smart device.

For a portable outdoor, mini projector; you can get the ViewSonic M1+ Wi-Fi Projector. This video projector comes with built-in speakers eliminating the need for Bluetooth speakers. You can easily connect it to your mobile device and enable wireless mirroring in no time. It serves great as an outdoor projector as well as in collaboration with your tv box and android tv.

While the top two projectors fall somewhat in the higher range, we have a projector that comes with almost the same set of specs but with an affordable price tag. The Artlii WiFi Bluetooth Projector is one of the most affordable projectors with wifi and Bluetooth. Besides wireless connection, it also offers a 6000-lumen high brightness and a wide contrast ratio of 5000:1. The sound quality takes a hit, but for what it’s worth; this projector is a steal deal when you are on a budget.


What Is The Advantage Of  WiFi and bluetooth Projectors?

The main advantage of wi-fi and Bluetooth projectors are endless is that you can connect them wirelessly to your Android and iOS devices, apple tv, or tv box. Furthermore, you can also use them as portable projectors and take them with you anywhere you want.

Do You Need a Screen For Wireless Projectors?

You can easily use a Bluetooth projector without a screen. However, you need to have a smooth, white wall or ceiling to project the image onto. A full HD projector, with digital light processing technology, can display the same quality of pictures from your android or iOS devices on a smooth surface.

How much lumen brightness should a projector have?

A projector with wi fi and bluetooth should have a minimum of 1500 lumen brightness to work in a dark room and at least 2500 lumens for a room with bright light. The higher the brightness the better the image quality. A high lumen combined with HD resolution is what makes a good video projector.

Which Is The Best Outdoor Projector With WiFi and BlueTooth?

The best outdoor projector with wi-fi and Bluetooth must have a few qualities. For starters, it should come with hifi stereo speakers or at least connect to an external Bluetooth speaker efficiently. Furthermore, it should also have a lasting lamp life with a zoom function for ease of use.

How To Connect The Projector To A Smartphone?

You can connect the projector to smartphones through both wired and wireless methods. This includes using HDMI, USB, and VGA ports to transfer data to the projector through a wired connection. You can also use Wi Fi connection, BlueTooth, mirroring, and Miracast to connect it with your android phone or ios device wirelessly.

Are Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Projectors Better than Wired?

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth projectors are better than wired projectors in terms of flexibility of use. You can connect your projector from another room, and it would work just as fine. However, wired connections provide a more stable means of connection.


Finding the best projector with wifi and Bluetooth is a daunting task, but it is totally worth it. The ease and flexibility of use are enough reasons to invest in a wireless projector. There are a lot of options available with a whole lot of features. Go through all the recommendations and choose a Bluetooth portable projector that suits your needs and budget.