How to connect Epson projector to laptop via wireless

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Epson is one of the most top-selling companies to manufacture projectors. In this article, we will cover the topic of how to connect Epson Projector to laptop via wireless? Epson projectors come in two categories: projectors for work and projectors for the home. The category ‘for work’ consists of projectors that display high-quality images to suit office presentations and their use in educational institutes.

The projectors in the other category, ‘for home’ include projectors for home theatres, gaming, or anything else that may require the use of a big screen.

Let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow in connecting the Epson projector to the laptop wirelessly.

How to connect an Epson projector to the laptop?

The process of connecting a laptop to a project is simply described in the steps mentioned below. After you have set up your projector, proceed further with these steps to connect it to your laptop. These steps are as under:

  1. Start by connecting the wireless LAN module to the USB A port on the projector.
  2. Go the list of wireless networks available on your laptop and select your projector name.
  3. During the setup of your projector, you download the Easy MP network projection software. Start the following software in this step.
  4. Choose the quick connection mode and press ok.
  5. Select the name of your projector before clicking the connect button. This is the last step and after that, your laptop screen will be displayed on the projector screen.

Common issues:

It is quite often that some users face troubles while connecting the projector to a wireless laptop or computer. Such problems can occur with the image displaying like one may not see an image on the projector and this can be solved by pressing the source search button on the projector remote. In case, you see a no signal or blank screen, you can do many things as it can be a result of many problems. Make sure the status light on the projector is blue and is not flashing. If you face other problems, you can take the help of the manual that comes with the projector.


Why is my laptop not connecting to the projector?

In that case, press the Fn key on your laptop and the other key labelled with a monitor icon.

How do I display my laptop screen on a projector?

The VGA cable has two ends. The first one should be connected to the COMPUTER 1 IN port on the Epson projector and the other end on the laptop’s monitor port.

How do I get my laptop to recognize my Epson projector?

Press the CTRL button along with the Windows logo key and P on your keyboard. This will display the projector settings window and the option to display the desktop on the projector screen.


There is nothing too difficult about the wireless connection between a laptop and a projector. Sharing files via the LAN module makes the display of files quick but the drawback is without it, you cannot really use the projector. In case, you lose it or it is damaged, there will be no alternative for it. So, it is a must to take care of it.