Optoma GT1090HDR Review

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Optoma GT1090HDR projector is one of the first projectors which are laser light sources, specially designed for gaming. This projector is designed to be compatible with 3D blue ray players, game consoles or broadcasts. Whether you are planning for Netflix and chill orn enjoying an intense gaming time, Optoma GT1090HDR is suitable for both. It is user friendly, versatile projector with amazing features.

The GT1090HDR projector is quite easy to set up. The installation is quite simple. It just plugs and play. it produces sharp clear images along with crisp audio. Whether you want to install it in your house as a home theatre or as a gaming arena for playing games, its performance is on point. What else this Optoma GT1090HDR projector has for you. Let’s dive deep and check out the detailed review!

Optoma GT1090HDR | Major Specifications

Brand: Optoma
Model Name: GT1090HDR
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Screen Size: 36’-300’’
Brightness: 4200 ANSI Lumens
Throw Distance: 1.3’-10.9’
Contrast Ratio: 300,000:1
Input Lag: 16ms

Short throw projection

You will get to experience crystal clear images of 120 degrees from a distance of 4’-4’ away. It works great in smaller spaces or tighter areas.GT1090HDR short lens allows it to project easily from a distance and the image quality will remain clear and sharp.

Easy installation

Since GT1090HDR is a short-throw projector, it is very easy to install. This Optoma projector comes with easy installation and a proper manual guide; it’s just plugged and play. You just have to find the right spot for your projector preferably a flat surface and try to place it 4 feet 4 inches away from the screen; it will provide the best quality imaging along with great sound. There is no need to mount the projector, as it has a short throw operation available.

With the Optoma projector and its flexible installation, you don’t have to worry about alignment or centre imaging on the screen. It comes with a manual guide with proper instruction and very easy to set up. With Optoma GT1090HDR, the image alignment is quite easy. It has a number of other amazing features as well, such as manual keystone correction (horizontal and vertical both) allows flexible installation, 2Xdigital zoom, 4 corner correction and fine image clarity settings etc

Incredible picture quality

This Optoma projector has an incredible contrast ratio of 300,000:1, producing detailed, clear and even images at every spot of the screen without any downscaling or compression. Optoma GT1090HDR is 1080p (complete HD), producing detailed, sharp, crisp and clear on-screen images just like any Hd TV.

Due to the great brightness of the 4200 lumens lamp, this projector is great for using outdoor or even without turning lights off. Still, the image quality would be sharp and clear.

Complete 3D experience

Optoma GT1090HDR provides you best 3D experience. It includes 3D broadcasting, 3D Blu-ray disc players and the latest game consoles. 3D glasses are required to experience smooth and flicker-free images.

Robust connectivity

This versatile projector allows you to connect with media players and gaming consoles for movies and games. Connect a 4K UHD HDMI devices, such as the Fire TV Stick, or Apple TV 4K to share photos and videos, play games or do streaming. You can even charge and power your USB device at the provided USB port.

Audio quality

Along with crisp clear image quality, it will provide you great sound quality as well. GT1090HDR has 10×2 watts, built-in speakers, ensuring loud and clear audio from anywhere in the room. There is no need for external speakers as these built-in speaks will provide distortion-free sound, even at high volumes. There will be no lag in sound and it will perfectly sync with the on-screen action.


Optoma GT1090HDR is a versatile projector, ideal for gamers to play as it supports the latest generation games. It is also a great fit as a home theatre as it is ideal to use outdoor or in close spaces with less light. The clarity of shown images is also on point. It can run efficiently up to 30,000 hours in simple eco mode and 20,000 hours in high-grade performance mode. Due to its brightness of 4200 lumens, you will get excellent picture quality no matter how bright or dark the place is.

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  • It is easy to install
  • It has a short-throw projection feature
  • It has full 3D HD support
  • It has low input lag, ideal for gaming
  • It displays crisp, clear images
  • It is a bit pricey though
  • It has 4K input, not true 4K resolution


The verdict

The Optoma GT1090HDR is a versatile and great quality projector. It is a multi-purpose projector, ideal for home theatre and gaming. The projector comes with an easy set-up and amazing features. It provides an ultra gaming experience. it quality of the image and sound is very great. Its less weight allows you to easily carry it from one place to other. Just place it and power on and there you go!

It is a little pricy but the features it comes with it makes it worth buying. The only thing is 4k resolution which is not best supported by the projector. The price is compensated with the provision of quality. if you want to have the ultimate 3D experience with excellent brightness, sharpness, responsiveness and short-throw projection then, this Optoma GT1090HDR is a perfect fit for you.

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It is a versatile projector as It produces stunningly clear images along with great sound quality. So, it’s definitely worth your money. This projector is definitely for you if you are a game fanatic. Just connect it and enjoy the ultimate gaming and movie experience. After knowing all about it, if you are looking for the same features in a projector then Optoma EGT1090HDR is the right choice.