Cheap Projector For PowerPoint Presentations

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Are you a business associate who has to provide strategies and plans on the big screen in board meetings? A student, looking for a cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations in your class?

Well, whatever you need it for, you can find plenty of options in the market. The problem is that if you look for cheap ones, you do not get all the features you need. If you look for high-end specs, the price point gets high.

With the help of modern technology, it has become effortless to carry a projector when you travel. Therefore, investing in one projector that you could on your business and leisure trips is a great idea. We have picked out some outstanding best projector for PowerPoint presentations, as well as for your entertainment.

Buying Guide For Cheap PowerPoint Projectors

Color contrast

Contrast ratio is the most crucial factor when it comes to display quality. No matter how high your brightness is, without a good contrast ratio, you will not be able to get the desired finish. A good color contrast elevates the viewing experience.

A contrast ratio of 2000 and above is deemed excellent. You need a projector that not only displays high quality images, but also readable text.

Connectivity Options

Nowadays, even the cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations comes with a magnitude of connectivity options. Therefore, you should select the one with the maximum choices. This increases the productivity and portability of your device.

Since you will be taking the projector to your classrooms and board rooms, it is necessary that you have the option of connecting your mobile phones, laptops to it.


Lumen is the measure of the brightness of a projector. The higher the lumen, the brighter your images will be. A high-grade lumen ensures that you get excellent quality graphics in dim as well as lit rooms. Most projectors do not work well in bright lights.

Therefore a 2000 and higher lumen lets you present in all types of conditions. The brightness of a projector is directly proportional to the amount of light it throws.

Cooling System

Projectors have the tendency to heat up when in use. This is why most of them have cooling fans installed. However, these fans make a lot of noise and vibration. Of course, you cannot have that during your presentations. Therefore, get a projector that has a noise-cancelling system and provides the least disturbance.

Cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations – Our Top Picks



Our Rating



YABER Y21 Native projector

Editor’s choice


QKK Upgraded Projector


Bomaker Upgraded WiFi Mini Projector

Editor’s recommendation

The Editor’s recommendation for the best cheap PowerPoint projector is the YABER Y21 Projector. It is an ideal projector for all your work and recreational needs. The 7000-lumen brightness, 300-inch screen size, and 1080p resolution combine together to provide you with a magnificent color scheme. The additional zoom and keystone features add to its worth. The wi-fi connectivity, sound system, and other attributes give you complete value for your money.


1. Bomaker Mini Projector for Presentations

Bomaker Upgraded Native HD Projector

Bomaker Mini Projector ranks the list of cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations. It provides you with professional, focused, and crisp text and images for your PowerPoint presentations. The 1080p resolution and 9000:1 contrast ratio account for the outstanding results.

You get both wired and wireless connectivity options. But who would go for HDMI cables, when you can easily connect it to your device through the wifi. The convenient connections and lag-free use make it one of the best budget option for work and leisure. The fan noise is greatly reduced to improve the user experience. The rich, vivid images can be displayed in dark as well as bright rooms.

You can get a massive screen of 300 inches through the right placement. This means that you can use this projector in large board rooms, and also for family movie nights. Not only this, the built-in stereo speakers, elevate the theatrical exposure to a new level.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Good sound quality
  • Average sound level


2. QKK Upgraded Cheap Mini Projector for PowerPoint

QKK Upgraded Mini Projector

Another great addition to cheap projectors for PowerPoint presentations is QKK Upgraded Mini Projector. It provides you with high-quality features that make your presentations more productive at an affordable rate. It is lightweight and compact, perfect for carrying to your meetings, and workplaces.

The wifi connectivity adds to the convenience. You can easily connect it to your device and use it without having to worry about wires and sockets. The USB cable helps you connect your laptops and phones through the wires if you ever need to. The most highlighted feature of this projector has to be 5500-lumen brightness. The high brightness helps in projecting sharp images even in light.

It has flexible connectivity choices including AV, USB, SD, HDMI, VGA, and headphone plugs. This means that you can connect any other device, expanding its use. The lamp life is amazing, consisting of 50000 watch hours.

  • Portable
  • Wireless connectivity options
  • Amazing brightness
  • Lacks Bluetooth option


3. YABER Y21 Best Projector for PowerPoint Presentations

YABER Y21 Video Projector

When it comes to picture quality, YABER Y21 Projector outdoes the rest. With 1080p resolution, 7000-lumen brightness, and a high contrast ratio of 8000:1 you can expect premium quality visuals. The lens is 6 layered, which increases the sharpness of the image by blocking unwanted light.

It also has a built-in 5W stereo system, which is enough for PowerPoint presentations. The best thing about this projector is the efficient cooling system. It not only keeps it cooled but also bocks the noise of the triple fan cooling. Yaber uses SmarEco technology, which helps in maximizing the lamp life. Now you can watch as long as 100000 hours without any maintenance, which is a lot.

This projector comes along with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an AV port, and a VGA port to connect with other devices. You can get as big as a 300-inch display through this projector with the right placement.

  • High resolution
  • Great speakers
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • No Bluetooth option



Your excellent presentation needs a projector that can project it professionally without losing the essence of your hard work. Finding a cheap projector for PowerPoint presentations is not hard if you know the features you want. Our list contains all the best ones, each offering great characteristics.