Best projector for small room

Sometime back, projectors were an entity fixed only for theatres and cinemas. If you go out today, you will see that the majority of people prefer having a projector rather than a TV. It may be the compact size, huge screen, or just the mere theatrical feels that account for the increasing projector market.

If you have a big living room, or bedroom any projector would suit you. The problem arises when you live in a small apartment with tiny rooms. Of course, a large display even larger than your room will not work. This is why a separate range of the best projector for a small room was introduced.

These projectors are specifically made for you, with short throws, high brightness, and features like zoom and keystone for convenience. However, there are other aspects to keep in mind too. The brief buying guide will highlight the essential features the best projector for a small room should have. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of the best options that would surely add an outstanding touch to your small room.

Buying guide for choosing the best projector for a small room

Throw distance

In simple terms, throw distance refers to the optimum distance between your projector and the wall to get a clear, concise image. Therefore, if you have a small room you will need a projector that gives a large display even if it is placed close to the wall.

As a general rule, the best projector for a small room is a short throw, which can produce a large screen. Usually, the short-throw projectors require at least 5 feet throw distance and produce a 50-inch screen.

However, as you increase your budget and research, you can find short-throw projectors with a much larger screen size as well.


When it comes to image quality, resolution plays a crucial role. The higher your resolution the clearer your image will be. No matter how big or small your room is, you need a projector that displays high-quality graphics.

After all, what use are the big screen and these considerations if you do not get a clear, bright image? The minimum resolution that gives good results is 1080p.

The higher you go the better results you get. However, for basic use such as movies and presentations, a 1080p resolution projector would be sufficient.


The brightness of your projector, measured in lumens has a great impact on the overall results. If your external environment has a bright light, you will have to get a projector with a high lumen and vice versa.

If your room is small, and dark a low lumen projector such as those with a 1500 lumen would work too. In case of a large room, with big windows giving in bright light you will need a projector with a minimum 2500 lumen brightness.

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Lamp life

Most of the projectors come with a lamp as a source of light. The durability of this lamp is measured in hours called the lamp life. As long as your lamp is intact, no maintenance will be required. Hence, look for projectors that have a long lamp life.

For an idea, a 20,000 hours lamp life can last you as long as 13 years without any maintenance. Note that, you will have to use it only for 4 hours daily to ensure that it does last that long.

If you do not replace your lamp after completing the lamp life, your brightness will be severely affected, and the projector adversely affected.

Top 7 Best projectors for a small room



Our Rating




WiMiUS S2 WiFi Projector

Editor's Choice



Optoma HD39HDR



YABER Y30 Projector



BenQ TH671ST Projector



Optoma HD146X



ViewSonic PA503X



Optoma GT5600


Editor’s choice

ViewSonic PA503X Projector does an amazing job in providing you a large screen from a small distance. With the small room issue resolved, you can now focus on other specs such as resolution and brightness.

If your only requirement is a short-throw projector with good quality graphics, this should end your quest. The 3600 lumens, 1080p resolution, and additional features such as keystone correction make it stand apart.

1. WiMiUS S2 WiFi Projector

WiMiUS S2 Projector

WiMiUS S2 WiFi Projector ranks the list of the best projector for a small room with its fantastic display performance. The compactness and portability of this piece make it a perfect addition to your small room.

The high resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio all makeup for the ultimate theatrical experience at the comfort of your home. It provides 6000-lumen brightness, greater than any 1080p resolution projectors.

The wifi compatibility makes it an even better competitor when it comes to a compact place. You do not have to figure out any wires, or dongle issues. Connect your devices to the WiMiUS S2 through efficient wifi support and stream your media effortlessly.

The built-in 5 W stereo speakers elevate the whole experience. The sound and picture quality are compliments the small room, boosting all sensations. The flexible connectivity options make it an excellent choice for people searching for a projector that fits their space.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • High lumen
  • Average keystone adjustment

2. Optoma HD39HDR Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD39HDR Projector

One of the best projectors for a small room, Optoma HD39HDR Home Theater Projector gives a large, clear screen from a short distance. The image quality is great, with HDR10 technology giving deep, sharp graphics. It brings out the true colors of your media, making it look real.

This projector would suit you exceptionally well if you are a gamer. The special gaming modes, with ultra-fast response time and refresh rate, enhance the user experience. Who would not want an immersive, large screen gaming session?

It supports a 6 segment color wheel along with 4000 lumens brightness. Both of these pertain to a splendid image display making your small room turn into a large cinema. Moreover, the 4K resolution adds to the list of features you will not find at this price.

With small rooms, you do not have enough space to keep up with wires and devices. Therefore, the HDMI connectivity makes it easy to connect your consoles, mobile phones, laptops, and other devices to the projector. It relieves you of the worries of maintenance and services with its 15000 hours lamp life. You can practically use this projector for 10 years without any replacement issues.

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  • Low input lag
  • High-quality resolution and brightness
  • No fan noise
  • Average performance in dark rooms

3. YABER Y30 Projector

YABER Y30 Projector

YABER Y30 Projector makes the best projector for a small room with its range of useful features. It provides a perfectly proportionate display for your small room. It comes with a 1080p resolution, 7500-lumen brightness, and 10,000:1 contrast ratio making it one of the best in this range.

YABER Y30 Projector also has a lens zoom and keystone feature that helps in adjusting the screen without displacing the projector. The remote control comes in handy in this regard. Moreover, the layered glass lens provides you with quality screen time without eye strain and headaches.

The sound system is nothing outstanding, but it does the job well if you do not have space for external speakers. The efficient 3 fan cooling system keeps the system cooled without any noise. Where a majority of the projectors come with a cooling system, very few have good noise cancellation. Yaber Y30 does a great job with it.

The SmartEco tech elongates the working life by increasing the lamp hours. You will not believe the 100,000 working hours that do not even require slight maintenance. A mere distance of 1.5 meters gives you a massive 50 to the 200-inch screen.

  • 7000-lumen brightness
  • Keystone and zoom functions
  • Long lamp life
  • Gets hot after long use

4. BenQ TH671ST Projector

BenQ TH671ST Projector

The next product on our list of the best projectors for a small room is the BenQ TH671ST Projector. The high-class picture quality of this projector is unmatched. The 1080p resolution, 3000-lumen brightness and 92% Rec. 709 Color Accuracy is enough reason to get this projector.

The low input lag due to the high response time makes it a perfect fit for gamers. You will not experience any blur or stutter all thanks to its modified gaming features. You can get up to a 300-inch large screen by experimenting with the distance. The screen size perfectly matches the compactness of a small room.

You can make use of the multiple input ports to connect your media player, console, laptop, or mobile phone to the projector. The HDMI and USB options are particularly of more use in this regard. The price point makes it one of the most competent short-throw projectors that will provide you quality screen time.

  • Good for gaming
  • High definition sound system
  • Sharp display
  • USB port only for HDMI support

5. Optoma HD146X Projector

Optoma HD146X Projector

Optoma HD146X Projector stands out from other best projectors for small rooms. The 1080p resolution along with the perfect alignment achieved through the DLP technology increases its worth. You get a fantastic cinema quality result, all in a small, compact room.

The 3600-lumen brightness assists in bringing out the true colors even in a lit room. This increases the productivity potential since you can use it anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the gaming modes enhance the color calibration by accentuating the depth and the shadows.

You can control the Optoma HD146X Projector through a single remote by the HDMI feature. This adds to the convenience and feasibility of this device. If you have a small place, the HDMI controls help you immensely. You do not have to move around and fumble with different buttons. The HDMI remote control does it all.

The lamp life is appreciable, giving you almost 15000 hours on an average 4-hour use per day. You can place it anywhere and adjust the alignment with the zoom and keystone functions.

  • DLP technology to achieve better alignment
  • Amazing display quality
  • Supports 3D images
  • Average speakers

6. ViewSonic PA503X Projector

ViewSonic PA503X Projector

Another amazing product among the best projectors for a small apartment is the ViewSonic PA503X Projector. This all-rounder projector makes its mark with the exceptional display quality at a small throw distance. You can place it just 13 feet away from the wall and still get a huge 120-inch screen.

Furthermore, the 3800-lumen brightness acts with the 1080p resolution providing stunning results. Since this is specifically made for small rooms, you can expect it to work great in all conditions. The brightness makes it possible to use it even in lit rooms.

It is recommended you use the EcoMode to elongate the lamp life. This makes the projector durable, giving you 15,000 hours of working life. The multiple input options let you use the projector in combination with your Macs, PC, mobile phones, and laptops. It is extremely convenient with the HDMI and USB ports when you have a small place.

The low input lag provides a smooth and clean use without any lag or delay. Although this is not best suited for gaming purposes, it works astoundingly well for a home movie theatre. The vertical keystone correction aligns the screen to give you the best angles.

  • Clear, bright image
  • Low input lag
  • Affordable for a short throw
  • Speaker quality is low

7. Optoma GT5600 Projector

Optoma GT5600 Projector

This ultra-short throw projector deserves to be among the best projector for small rooms. You can get a massive screen display from a distance of few inches, proving it to be perfect for your small studio apartment with compact space.

The specifications include a 1080p resolution, 3600-lumen brightness, and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1. These values are enough proof of the fantastic display performance Optoma GT5600 exhibits.

It comes with an instant focus and four corners auto keystone ensuring an even display. The lamp life is long, giving you 15,000 hours of uninterrupted screen time. You will not be required to maintain, or replace the lamp for 10 years if you use it for 4 hours daily.

You can enjoy a 3D performance, bringing the cinema to your place. Be it 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasting, or the latest-generation game consoles, Optoma GT5600 Projector supports it all. If you have trouble dealing with the wires and connections, use the USB mirroring through the HDcast Pro.

  • Durable with a long lamp life
  • Great resolution and brightness
  • Bulky build


As more and more people are ditching TVs for large screen projectors, it becomes difficult to find the right one for yourself according to your needs. If you have a compact place, it becomes more crucial to look into the details before getting a projector.

As explained in detail above, the best projector for small rooms should have a short throw. This way you can place the projector close to the wall and still get good results. Hence, you should go through the buying guide, know about your place’s dimension and then choose one.