How To Mount A Projector Without Drilling?

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Projectors have become a necessity, rather than a luxury. Your only means of display might be a projector, hence, it is important that you take care of its mounting first when moving places. The problem is many places like dorm rooms and rented apartments do not allow drilling holes in the walls. Sometimes the walls have steel at the back instead of wood restraining you from drilling.

This means that you cannot mount your projector by the conventional method of drilling holes. Therefore, you need to look into ways of how to mount a projector without drilling.

2 Easy Ways To Mount A Projector Without Drilling

Now that drilling is out of the equation, you have to look for temporary ways that do not need to be fixed to the walls through screws or drills. There could be two ways to do this.

Use a Shelf Mount

A shelf-mounted projector works great if you have drilling, and fixing limitations. You can use any shelf in this regard, but a unit shelf that has adjustable partitions would be your best choice.

You can also use an old bookshelf already at your place. The focus should be on portability and ease. You can stand the shelves by the wall and keep your projector on the shelf suiting the height.

This way you do not have to deal with dangling wires and cables, since the shelf covers that very well too. You can keep the shelf behind your couch, or your bed if you want to place your projector in the bedroom.

Use A L-Shaped Stand With Hooks

Another great option to mount your projector without drilling is to get an L-shaped stand. You can use wood, PVC, or any robust material you like. The stand will sit straight, and you can hang your projector on the hook.

You might have to get this stand made, unlike the shelves that are usually lying around the house. But it provides a stylish outlook, with ease of maintenance. You can clean and change the bulbs of the projector as per your liking.

Stand mounting also provides a well-ventilated setting for your projector. It also gives you the flexibility of placing the projector as close or far you like.

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If you are worried about how to mount a projector without drilling, this guide has got all the answers for you. You do not need any expensive equipment for this. The regular hardware at your place is enough to fix your problem without any holes in the walls.