JVC DLA-RS 400 Projector Review – One of the best out there.

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Are you just starting with the whole home theatre experience? Did you ditch your TV yet? If not, it is high time you do so because JVC DLA-RS 400 is there for you. This model is the cheapest of all the three JVC projectors, hence it is no surprise that people are attracted to it. It still retails for 3999 dollars. Therefore, you are right in looking for a JVC DLA-RS 400 review giving you an idea if it is worth it or not?

Shifting to a home projector is a big decision. You want to upgrade your display quality, but do not know what to expect. There are a lot of things when it comes to analyzing a projector. This detailed JVC DLA-RS 400 review covers all the essential features and specs of this projector. Hence, you can understand the ins and outs better, and see if it would work for you.

What Is New In JVC DLA-RS 400 Projector?

This newer version of the JVC DLA projector supports robust hardware for the display of Blu-ray UHD and HDTV content. It displays your 4K content, but at a much better quality. 4K resolution already provides amazing graphics and with Blu-ray compatibility, it goes an extra mile in providing you with the best contrast, colour, and visuals. This is quite possibly the best projector for bright rooms.

The latest pixel shifting feature in the JVC DLA-RS 400 is called e-shift4. It works great in bringing out the true colors of the 4K resolution. The black scenes come out with more intensity, which is a speciality of the JVC projectors. You will not find such deep black and white contrasts in any other 4K projector.

Leading Features Of The JVC DLA-RS 400 Projector

1. Sharp brightness

The pixel shifting combined with Blu-ray UHD gives you excellent picture quality. The razor-sharp brightness, 4K resolution, and 1700 lumen brightness all contribute towards an outstanding display. You will never look back once you get used to the clear, sharp images of the JVC DLA-RS 400.

The display comes with improved 3D technology. You can transform your bedroom, living room or backyard into a full-fledged theatre.

2. Intense black level

All the details of the JVC DLA-RS 400 are great, but the black level performance outdoes the rest. The intense dark scenes are intensified even more with this special feature. Most projectors in the market work well but lose at this point. With this projector, you get the best black level contrast at a cheaper price than its competitors.

Your theatre experience is elevated through this feature. Now, you can enjoy all visuals at the comfort of your home with the same professional touch as a cinema.

3. Pixel shifting

What if you could get two-pixel strokes simultaneously? It would greatly advance the quality of your display. Pixel shifting is the most highlighted part of any JVC DLA-RS 400 review.

You get a detailed, precise and sharp image, better than any of the 4K projectors out there. The processor has a big role in the effect of pixel shifting, the faster your processor, the better the pixel shift.

4. Large and clear lens

The frame and the lens has a great effect on the user experience. You will not believe it unless you try different frames for yourself. It will not be wrong to say that a good lens memory makes all the difference in your experience.

A lens memory remembers your settings and assists for future displays. You can have a widescreen display as well as an HDTV setup. It all depends on your preference.


If you recently shifted towards the projector living, JVC might be a good option. Out of all the JVC projectors, this one is the most budget-friendly in terms of features provided. This JVC DLA-RS 400 review will give you a clear and concise idea about how it works and if it would be good for you.