LumiHD Projector Review

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Projectors have become easily accessible nowadays. When you have an option of converting your home into a mini theatre, with a massive, bright display why would you choose a TV over it? Moreover, if you opt for a mini portable projector you can take it anywhere with you and not just confine it to your house.

LumiHD has been making waves out there with its compactness and affordability. You might have heard about it and be tempted to buy it. But is the Lumi HD projector worth buying? Although, the price point is extremely low so you can always get it and try it for yourself. Still, it is a good idea to see the LumiHD projector review before investing in it.

Read on to find a detailed review with all the features and specs that the Lumi HD offers. After going through this, you will be able to figure out if this unique projector would suit your preferences or not.

Highlights Of The Lumi HD Projector

Compact and lightweight

You will not find any projector more portable than the Lumi HD. With a palm-size structure, that weighs as light as your wallet, you will not even feel it in your backpack, or pocket. This means that you can carry it to your camping trips, picnics, or outdoor parties and enjoy it.

The compact size does not limit the display capacity. Lumi HD can project a screen as large as 220 inches giving you a cinematic experience. It performs best in dark environments. This can be easily used as the best portable projector for camping.

Multiple connectivity options

Lumi HD projector provides you multiple connectivity options aiding you with the display. You can connect your tablet, PC, mobile phone, or any device you want through the options available. It comes with USB/AV/SD ports enabling you to project your media effortlessly.

Whether it is a family movie night or a camping trip, you can display your movies, videos, and pictures from your respective devices.

Outstanding display

For the price point, the image quality Lumi HD projectors exhibit is beyond amazing. The 400-lumen brightness combined with 1080p resolution gives you premium results. You cannot expect such a display from any other projector at this price.

You can watch movies, play games, and display pictures on it. For all its benefits, this projector is truly a steal deal.


This projector is extremely easy to use, you only have to plug it into the right device and your home theatre is ready. The brightness is not extraordinary, but for this price it is great. It offers a long lamp life of 30,000 hours which lasts you a lifetime.

You can use this projector all day, and it would still not require a maintenance check for a long time. The efficient LED bulb saves you energy and money through its power-saving ability. It does not have a loud fan so you can enjoy your movie peacefully in a quiet environment.


It would be unfair to not mention its affordability in a Lumi HD projector review. The price point is the biggest perk of this projector. You get all these amazing high-end features at such a low cost.

If you compare the features provided with the price, the features would greatly outweigh the cost. It is the best affordable option out there, one that should not be missed.


This LumiHD projector review covers all the crucial aspects. Of course, you cannot expect it to compete with the high-end projectors worth thousands of dollars, but it works extremely well for its price. The portability is another plus point. Therefore, if you want to transition to a projector but you are not sure, Lumi HD would be the right fit.