Best projector for dorm room

A dorm room is one of the most boring and bland places one lives in his/her lifetime if a spark is not added to it. There are several reasons for it. The first being its size. College dorm rooms or hostels are very small and almost fit a bed and have a little bit of sitting space and if you are lucky enough small kitchen space.

When you arrive in your dorm room for the first, it honestly looks like the blandest and straightforward place which requires some redesigning if you have a little bit of living taste. And one of the things which you might do is to turn your dorm room into a movie theatre. For that reason, you’ll need the best projector for dorm room and we are here to help you.

Since the main purpose of having a projector in your dorm room is entertainment which includes watching movies with the squad or having a chilled out Netflix evening but also a little bit of productive work like slideshows. For that, we have to look for projectors specifically for entertainment. Home theatre projectors can be a good suit for your dorm room.

Or you want a projector which does not stick in one place and you can take it with you whenever you are travelling. Or maybe you want a compact portable projector which has a portable battery inside it so you can entertain yourself while on the move. It all comes down to your priorities and the purpose you want your projector for in the dorm.

Buying guide for a projector for dorm room

1. Size of projector

There is one thing almost every dorm room has in common no matter what college you are in; the lack of space. So you need to make sure that the projector you are going to buy does not take up that much space and is compact in size and is lightweight.

2. Resolution

This is one of the most important things to look at before buying a projector for any purpose, let alone for dorm rooms. The resolution of the projector gives you an idea of the quality of the image it is going to project on the display. From 720p to 1080p is where the resolution starts to get noticeably good and the projector you are going to buy should have at least 720p resolution.

3. Brightness

Even though we are looking for compact sized projectors for your dorm room, you should never trade the brightness of the projector for its smaller size. Having a bright projector is of so much importance as it won’t fade away in a little bit of light and even sunlight from the window.

Top 10 best projectors for dorm room – detailed reviews



Our Rating



VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

Editor’s Choice




DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector


Hompow Mini Projector


Meer YG300 Portable Mini Projector


DBPOWER L21 Video Projector


YABER Y21 Native Projector


POYANK 5500L LED Projector


GooDee Mini Projector


AuKing Mini Projector

Editor’s choice:

We went through the hundreds of options available on Amazon and did the hard part for you by filtering and choosing out the ultimate best projectors we could find which will be suitable for your dorm room. And as a quick recommendation from the editor, the best projector for dorm room is the VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector. For a more comprehensive and detailed sum of all of its features, check out its review below.


1. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

On the first position and the editor’s choice for the best projector for dorm room is the Leisure 3 Mini projector by VANKYO. It is the most highly rated mini projector on Amazon. It is a compact lightweight projector with a sleek design which will suit perfectly for your dorm room as you can place anywhere. But despite its compact form factor, it provides a watching size from 32” to 170” with a throw distance between 4.9 ft to 16.4 ft.

However, the recommended distance is 6.5 ft to get the most out of it with the highest picture quality. Speaking of the image quality, this mini projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so you will get a crystal clear image with HD crispy sharp display.

It is an LED projector which helps with lesser power consumption and a longer lifespan of the projector. The brand claims the lifespan of this Leisure 3 mini projector around 40,000 hours so you won’t be worrying about the replacement anytime soon. Along with a good resolution, this projector also features a perfectly balanced contrast ratio of 2000:1 which deepens the blacks and enhances the whites. Also, it claims to be around 605 brighter than its competitors in a similar category.


  • Budget friendly price for students.
  • Compact size.
  • Very good display resolution.
  • Very long lamp life.
  • There is no zoom feature.


2. TOPVISION Mini Projector

TOPVISION Mini Projector

This is the Top vision Mini Projector which is a compact yet high quality projector for ‘home cinema experience’. Likewise our previous mention, it is an affordable projector and compact in size which makes it a perfect fit for college dorm rooms.

It has a synchronized smartphone screen feature build inside it which allows you to connect this mini projector to be connected to your smartphone or laptop without plugging in an HDMI or having a wifi environment. This feature is a major advantage this projector has over its competitors as it is a convenient and hassle-free way to connect to your projector.

It produces 3600 lumens which makes it one of the most bright projectors on our list and it will allow you to use the projector even in bright rooms with broad daylight. It supports 1080p resolution and has a contrast ratio of 3000:1, higher than the vankyo leisure 3. The recommended viewing distance is 3 meters and it can project an image of size 50” to 176”. You can use a whole wall of your dorm room as a display for this projector. With the environmental lamp, it gives you a lamp lifespan of 50,000 hours.


  • High contrast ratio.
  • Synchronized smartphone screen for HDMI free connectivity.
  • 3600 lumens brightness.
  • Firestick compatible.
  • Sharp image in the centre but might seem a bit blurry at edges.
  • No 5.1 sound support.


3. DR. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector

DR. J Professional Mini Projector

DR. J Professional is no new name in the game of projectors and they deliver some of the best and top quality projectors on amazon as well as overall. This is the HI-04 Mini projector by DR. J professional and it is one of the highest rated projectors you can find on amazon.

It is an upgraded projector from its previous generation and a lot of things have been improved. It has improved its brightness and now you can enjoy watching movies using it even in a bright dorm room with big windows. It is a 1080p supported projector which is compatible with TV stick, HDMI, VGA USB, Aux and AV.

With a good resolution, it has a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and an aspect ratio of 16:9 which delivers the most accurate colors on screen with vivid and HD images. The HI-04 prevents the user from having eye strain due to long viewing hours by using a diffuse reflection technology so you can watch your favourite NetFlix shows for long hours without having an eye strain. Within its price, you also get a 100 inch projector screen included with it which is also portable.

  • Top rated projector.
  • 5 Layer LCD lens with improved resolution.
  • Versatile connectivity.
  • Included 100 inch portable screen.
  • Not so good built-in speakers.


4. Hompow Portable Mini projector

Hompow Portable Mini projector

Fourth place on our list of best compact projectors for college dorm room is the Hompow portable Mini Projector. It is a 1080p supported projector which gives you the ultimate HD viewing experience. It is also a very versatile projector in terms of connectivity as it can be connected to your smartphone using MHL cable.

This projector is also compatible with a variety of different gadgets including TV sticks, PC, notebooks, USB, Gaming consoles and many more. It has the highest lamp lifespan on our list, which is 50,000 hours which means that it’ll last you much longer even after finishing your college when you leave your dorm room and take the projector with you.

This mini projector is able to project images ranging from the size of 50 inches all the way up to 176 inches, so basically it can cover a whole wall. It also has a noise reduction feature built-in which turns down the noise produced by its cooling fans, which are usually very loud for small confined areas like dorm rooms. It is a very compact and lightweight projector which makes it easier to carry around to take with you and to be placed anywhere in tight places as it won’t take up that much space.

  • Easy and versatile connectivity with smartphones and other devices.
  • 50,000 hours lamp life.
  • Produces very minimal noise.
  • The speakers might not be loud enough.


5. Meer YG300 Portable Mini Projector

Meer Mini Projector

If you are a college student reading this, it is probable that you don’t have a very high budget to spend on a high-end projector but also want to turn things up in your dorm room. Then this mini projector is for you. It is the Meer YG300 Portable mini projector and it is the best cheap projector for dorm room due to its very reasonable pricing.

Despite having a cheap retail price, the qualities and features of this projector are not compromised at all, that’s why it is included in our list. It is a fully portable projector with a very compact size, even compact enough that you can power it up using a 2A power bank, which means that you can also take this projector along with you while on the move.

Likewise the Hompow portable projector, it also has a special cooling system which makes very less noise but also does not let the projector heat up after long hours of use. It is compatible with all kinds of multimedia devices and is versatile in terms of connectivity so you can hook it up with almost anything in your dorm room.

  • Very budget friendly for students.
  • Very compact pocket size and lightweight projector.
  • Can be powered using a power bank.
  • Versatile connectivity and media support.
  • 400 lumens brightness.


6. DBPOWER L21 Video Projector

DBPOWER L21 Video Projector

This is a projector for students who really want to up their game and have the ultimate projector experience in a dorm room with a slightly bigger budget. This is the DBpower L21 projector with remote control. It supports a 1920 x 1080 resolution which gives you the ultimate HD experience. The highest contrast ratio of 3000:1 among all of the best projectors for your dorm room, this projector delivers highly accurate colors to your screen with very deep blacks and vivid color schemes.

One of the best features of this projector is its projection throw distance range which allows you to project a very large image of 40 inches from a distance of as low as 1 meter, which other projectors in the same category lack. This helps in placement especially if you are tight on space in your dorm room.

It also comes with built-in speakers which are of at least better quality than some other projectors and you can actually watch a movie using them. It has a very powerful cooling system which won’t let the projector heat up even after long hours of usage. Overall, this is a good projector for dorm rooms and the only main reason for putting it at the last of our list is its price tag for college going students.

  • Ideal for small spaces requires bigger displays with minimal distance.
  • Highest contrast ratio among its competitors.
  • Wireless connectivity option for a smartphone available using an adapter.
  • High quality built-in speakers.
  • Very powerful cooling fans.
  • May be out of budget for some students.


7. YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector

YABER Y21 Native 1080P Projector

The next projector on our list of the best projectors for your dorm room in 2021 is the YABER Y21 Native projector. It is one of the highest-rated projectors in this price range. This dorm room projector offers you a resolution of 1080 x 720 for crystal clear image on the screen. And the resolution claimed by the brand is accurate and true, unlike many other projectors who turn out to be delivering far less resolution than they claimed.

It has one of the highest contrast ratio on our list with 5000:1. It is a very bright projector and offers the maximum brightness of 5500 Lumens. With this brightness, you can even use this projector even if you open the windows of your dorm room. It can project images of size ranging from 14 to 200 inches at a distance range of 5 to 16 and a half feet. This means that if you place this projector 16.5 feet away from the screen in your dorm room, you can get an image of maximum 200 inches, which is massive!

You can even reduce the screen size up to 25% of this projector by using a remote control which comes with it, unlike other home projectors where you have to do it manually.

  • Bright projector.
  • It has multiple input ports to connect different devices at the same time.
  • Good quality built-in speakers.
  • Direct sunlight or ceiling light will make the image blurry.


8. POYANK 5500L LED WiFi Projector

POYANK 5500L LED WiFi Projector

The last but not least projector we are featuring today is the POYANK 5500L wifi projector for dorm rooms. It is a perfect projector for the lazy lads who hate to set up the projector with the laptop using HDMI or any sort of cable. This is a wireless projector with wifi functionality which enables it to be connected to your home wireless network. You can simply turn it on and connect your smartphone or any device wirelessly.

There is a special app available for it which makes the process of connecting your IOS or Android device to this projector a lot easier and faster. It features a native resolution of 1280 x 720 and supports a video resolution of up to 1920 x 1080, which is high enough to watch movies and sports with your friends in your dorm room with high quality.

You can get a 32-inch screen size by placing it at a minimal distance of 1.2 meters and a maximum screen size of 176 inches by placing it 5 meters away from the screen, depending upon the amount of space you have in the dorm room. The audio quality of this projector is great due to a pair of SRS audio speakers installed in it, which makes watching movies more enjoyable.

  • Very high lamp life.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Great for small spaces and dorm rooms.
  • It loses some brightness when used in close range in a dimly lit room.


9. GooDee Mini Projector

GooDee Mini Projector

GooDee Mini Projector is one of the best projectors for dorm rooms. This user-friendly device allows you to project high-quality movies from your daily use devices including Mobile phones, USB devices and Laptops. It offers connectivity both with wires and wirelessly allowing the user to decide according to its ease.

The main reason this device is so user friendly is due to its compactness and design. This projector comes with dimensions of 5.3 x 3.9 x 2.36 inches which makes it very easy to carry around where ever you like. It also is very lightweight which makes it ideal for the user.

Unlike the size of this projector, it offers great speed with fast projecting of the high-quality images thus giving a pleasant experience. It also offers a long battery life of almost 7 x 24 hours so that you don’t have to worry about the battery being dried up while enjoying your movie or work experience.

One of the most important features of this projector is that it is designed specifically to keep the safety of users in mind. It comes with ABS plastic which ensures the safety of the environment. It also has a LED light which is ideal for your eyes especially in dark rooms.

  • BridgeLux LED light
  • Compact and stylish
  • Wireless connectivity
  • For iPhone connectivity, you need to have a lightning HDMI adapter



AuKing Mini Projector

Another product in our list of top dorm room projectors is the AUKING MINI Projector 2021. This is one of the most underrated products having almost all the good qualities as in others. It is considered as one of the best projectors for dark due to its low price and multiple functions which it offers.

What makes this projector a perfect option for a dorm room is that it is easily adjusted in a small space. dorm rooms are usually so packed that you cannot think of playing movies there but with this projector, you can easily fulfil your dream. It is highly user friendly since it offers multiple connectivity options.

This Mini projector has a full HD display with 1080p display resolution. It has a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 which makes it on our list of best projectors for dorm rooms. It offers a wide range of 32-170 inches along with built-in speakers to fulfil your audio desires. It offers approximately 35% more brightness than the other projectors.

Last but not least the company offers you a 2-year warranty on the product which makes it a highly reliable and trustworthy product for its buyer.

  • Wide range of 32-170 inches
  • 2-year warranty
  • 35% more brightness
  • Comes under the range of $100
  • Slight issues related to the packaging which could be improved easily


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are mini projectors worth buying?

Being a college student, needing a projector for the dorm room budget would be one of your concerns. From that perspective, getting a portable mini projector is worth the money. You get all the specs, features, and benefits you would get in a full-size projector.

A portable mini projector covers all your needs. You want to use it for gaming, movie nights with friends, or presentations, a mini projector will suit you the best. You get high brightness, good resolution projector that is affordable and lightweight. What more would a student want?

Why choose a projector over a TV for your dorm room?

Projectors are a relatively new choice for consumers. Many people still prefer conventional TV over a projector. If you compare the pros of the two, you would definitely choose a projector. Firstly, the size and portability of a projector outweigh a TV. After all, why would anyone leave something as compact as a mini projector?

The graphic quality is another plus point. You can watch movies and play Free Fire at 1080p resolution on a giant screen. There cannot be a more ideal option for you and your mates.

Which projector will work best in a dorm room?

To understand this, you first need to know the essential features found in a projector. As a student, you will probably be getting a compact dorm room, which you might have to share with your friends. Therefore, you should look for a small and portable projector. Another thing you might want to look for is the resolution. Although this is a personal choice, a good resolution projector will benefit you.

All the projectors on our list are carefully picked, keeping your need and requirement in mind. Rest assured, you can choose any projector from our list of the best projector for dorm room, without having to worry if it would work for you.

Are projectors affordable?

It all depends on the company, specs, and features you are looking for in a projector. You can easily find a projector that works well and is within your budget. We have some great options in our list that are affordable and also exhibit some great features. If they are still out of your reach, you can opt for a mini, portable one. Those work great too.

Projectors have always been a trendy, cool device to have in your dorm room. Anyone having one instantly becomes the talk of the town. You can find a projector according to your budget, sometimes even with a lower price tag than a conventional TV.

Final words

Make sure to read the buying guide for the best projector for dorm room. We hope that our comprehensive reviews have helped you in making your decision. Let us know which of these projectors you are going to buy for your dorm room in the comments below.