How To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly?

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Wireless connections are another name for convenience. Imagine how easier it would be if you could stream your office presentations, movies, and other media on the projector with a tap on your tablet. There would be no dangling wires, messy ground, or port issues.

If you are worried about the process being complicated, this guide on how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly has got everything covered. You do not need any detailed, techy knowledge regarding it. Just take your tablet, sit on a couch, and follow the instructions.

Most of the modern projectors come with wireless connectivity options. Why not take advantage of this feature? Read on to find out 2 easy ways you can use to connect tablet to projector via wireless.

2 Foolproof Ways To Connect Tablet To Projector Wirelessly

Method 1: Through Bluetooth 

Bluetooth connectivity is by far the most feasible way to connect tablet to a projector wirelessly. One reason would be that almost all the projectors come with this option even if they do not support Wi fi. Your projector could either have a built-in Bluetooth, or you will have to insert a dongle into the USB port to activate it.

Now that your projector has Bluetooth activated, it is time to connect it to your tablet. Turn on the Blue Tooth on your tablet. Next, go to the “settings” on your tablet, and tap on the “wireless and connectivity” option. Select your projector from the list of available devices. That is it, your tablet is connected to your projector and you can share files easily.

Method 2: Through Casting

If your projector supports HDMI connections, mirroring or casting is a good option. You only need an HDMI wireless dongle supported by your projector and tablet, and you are good to go. Plug the dongle in the HDMI port of your projector. Consider plugging in the dongle first and then turning on your projector.

Depending on the options supported by the projector and dongle, you can either mirror your content from the tablet to your projector using Miracast or use the Wi fi connectivity option. However, make sure both your tablet and projector are connected to the same network.

Now, go to “display” and then the “Miracast” option or the “enable wireless display” option of your tablet. You will see a list of all the receivers, choose the dongle, and it would display your media on the projector screen.


In this age of technology, it would be unfair to not make use of it. If you have been running away from looking into how to connect tablet to projector wirelessly, now is the right time to do it. Once you shift to wireless options there is no going back. You can connect your projector to your tablet, phone, or any device and operate it through your fingertips.

Wireless options also provide a lot of flexibility in terms of use. You can utilize it for your home theatres or office presentations increasing your productivity.